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Uplers is working towards the socio-economic upliftment of Indian tech talent. The company has launched ‘Uplers Talent Solutions (UTS)’ with an aim to bridge the gap between Indian tech talent and global remote opportunities.

A salient feature of UTS is the evaluation of talent through a customized vetting process that reviews technical, functional, and communication skills. Currently, only 3.5% of talents are qualifying after successfully clearing all these assessments. After completion of assessments, Uplers schedules an interview with an international company that is looking for someone full-time with the same skills and knowledge.

UTS is a catalyst to every candidate looking out for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work for global companies. They have a well-researched global pay scale, and they ensure that talents get paid according to their calibre. They have a predefined pay scale for each role which starts from $1500 and goes up to $3600. In INR it is a package from 13 Lakhs up to 30 Lakhs, almost 1.5x higher than the Indian standard pay scale.

With UTS, talents have a greater than 95% retention rate. They also get various benefits starting from long-term and permanent global remote working opportunities, freedom to choose their employer, a dedicated talent success coach to post-hire support and follow-ups.

“Uplers Talent Solutions is not at all like freelancing or gig platforms which mostly focus on short-term, project-based opportunities and expect freelancers to bid for projects; we know this often becomes a race towards the bottom price. Our objective is to bridge the parity gap between global opportunities and Indian talent,” says Jaymin Bhuptani, CEO of Uplers.

Uplers Talent Solutions is growing by leaps and bounds every day. They have 100+ PHP, WordPress, Angular, React Developers and Search Analysts in the pool. In the upcoming time, they will open the UTC doors for Salesforce, Programmatic, NodeJS and UI/UX professionals, uplifting the digital ecosystem at large.

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