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Changing times, the ongoing pandemic has encouraged businesses to reinvent themselves and think of different aspects along with developing ideas that are innovative, fresh and new. As we all are well aware, there has been a major shift in the work culture within our country as well as a significant transformation globally.

The world faced new challenges this year and in the initial half of the lockdown The Greyy Room foresaw, identified and adapted to the new normal. Bad work posture and poor ergonomic practices like sitting on the bed while working leads
to fatigue, nerve ending related problems, headaches, wrist aches and cause injuries on your neck, shoulder, back, hip and fee. This as we all know had been rising throughout the lockdown since we were all forced to work from home.

Social distancing and work from home practices encouraged The Greyy Room to keep the work ongoing from the comfort of their homes by introducing concepts to enhance domestic long stays. With innovations and ideas being their forte to meet the needs of the circumstances, The Greyy Room aced in developing what might be the new normal by creating adaptive and compatible innovations through interior design in current times and for the years to come.

Inspired by Coffee Pods, Work Pods are portable workstations that are customisable, exudes the feeling of luxury in homes and optimises break out areas in socially active places. The Greyy Pods can be placed in hotel lobbies, commercial spaces, corporate offices, restaurants and homes.

A dedicated work space makes working from anywhere a lot easier and prevents bad work postures and health issues along with achieving maximum potential while working. The pods allow privacy and comfort which is very essential so one can give a 100% to their work schedules. The Greyy Pod has been a key player in providing a solution for best work practices & have brought a shift in the work culture. While this also encourages social distancing, this concept is gaining huge popularity and might be the new big revolution in corporate interior design culture. The Greyy Pod Luxe is extremely unique in the country, with features like Bluetooth, customisable coloured fabrics, lumbar support – making it personal for every individual, with their initials being added to the pod.

This work pod collection draws on the age-old tradition of bespoke furniture making with a new twist of innovation to enhance functionality of every space. Each element can be customised to the customers needs, making it a unique expression of one’s individuality and creating a small office world within the four walls of any space. The Greyy Pod encourages social distancing yet becomes the show stealer wherever its placed. ‘Invest in a Greyy Pod & be the CEO of your own life’ says Stuti Gawri from The Greyy Room.

Stuti Gawri

The Greyy Room caters to every possible being from any & every profession – Whether it’s the CEO in you, the aspiring entrepreneur, the boss woman, the creative wantrepreneur brewing ideas over a coffee or be it an artist. The Greyy Pod is for everyone.

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