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India’s leading B2B marketplace for buying and selling handicrafts at a competitive price, Craftezy has announced its launch. A one-stop solution for buyers to purchase Indian handicrafts from any part of the world and sellers to sell local handicraft and home décor products, Craftezy facilitates everything with a single click. With Craftezy’s marketplace, both buyers and sellers can rest assured that the fully-managed platform will take care of all the processes, transactions and operations from both ends in the most seamless, safe and secure manner.

Craftezy, launched amidst the ongoing pandemic, helps connect sellers with suitable suppliers for their requirements through this unique marketplace and negotiates on their behalf. The company also helps sellers make their catalogues more marketable, attractive and professional by providing dedicated cataloguing support.

“We help them with logistics, so they don’t have to worry about fulfilment or shipping, by partnering up with big logistics aggregators to provide much better pricing. We provide them with flexible payment options, so they can select whichever suits them the most. We also provide them with detailed analytics directly in their dashboard to constantly improve their offerings and pricing. We act as their brokers, helping them in negotiating with the buyers, so the response time is reduced significantly, and the lead can be closed as soon as possible; also, there are no communication gaps due to language of time differences when we act as the mediators” said Meet Shah, Founder, Craftezy.

He further added, “Our goal for the buyers is to make the Indian market much more accessible and increase the convenience by ensuring quality products, timely deliveries and eliminate the entire hassle of going back and forth with the sellers for negotiating prices and terms. Using our marketplace, buyers can save up to 70% off the time a typical business would spend in sourcing the products from other channels. Craftezy provides buyers with convenient access to multiple suppliers and thousands of products to choose from, all in one place.”

You could be a wholesaler, retailer, buying agent or e-commerce seller selling unique handicraft items. Register on our website to join Craftezy in its endeavour to be an exclusive online destination for all your requirements.

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