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Women’s wellness brand – Azah, recently acquired by Thrasio style startup Powerhouse91, has doubled its revenue post-acquisition while growing almost 50% MOM in October alone. Azah’s growth comes on the back of increasing awareness about premium wellness and hygiene, particularly in products like sanitary pads. In fact, the feminine hygiene market was valued at INR 32.66 Billion in 2020 – and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.87%.

Starting originally as a feminine hygiene brand with its range of organic sanitary pads, Azah has further accelerated and expanded its product line multifold with recent product launches like Menstrual Cups, Period Panties, Acne Patches and Jade Roller. Leveraging Powerhouse91’s expertise in product and channel expansion along with optimisations in marketing and supply chain, Azah’s further looking to expand to a broader set of demographics and geographies. The brand also recently partnered with Bollywood actress Sayani Gupta for a sanitary pad distribution drive in rural Haryana.

“Azah benefits greatly from operating within the broader umbrella of Powerhouse91’s family of brands. Our goal here is to establish Azah as a global brand that stands for functional, sustainable and accessible women’s wellness. The brand’s journey of finding its own loyal following in a highly competitive space, and that too in a relatively short span of time is a testament to its strong focus on quality and customer experience, ” said Aqib Mohammed, co-founder at Powerhouse91.

A founding team comprising more than 30 years of experience in Ecommerce at Powerhouse91, and backed by leading investors Titan Capital and Crossbeam Ventures, they intend to acquire, expand, and generate innovative consumer brands across different categories. With the required support from Powerhouse91’s E-commerce prowess and access to shared resources, Azah will continue to expand its presence, both in terms of channels as well as diverse product lines.

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