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Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd, India’s leading home-grown direct selling company, has announced the launch of Assure Insta-Glow Facial Kit. Enriched with Mulberry and Gold Dust, the new launch is a complete skin solution that is easy-to-use, perfect for a quick fix between two facial sessions and an instant solution to get the glow.

The new ‘Assure Insta-Glow Facial Kit’ helps you achieve that soft and glowing skin with a few simple steps. This easy-to-use, at-home facial kit helps to rejuvenate skin texture, scrub off dirt, grime and blackheads, promote hydration, and brighten skin tone. It also accelerates cell renewal and maintains skin pH for the perfect look.

Today’s fast paced life is driven by convenience. Racing against time, stress, busy schedules, and unhealthy skincare habits, have dominated our everyday lives. As it becomes increasingly difficult to make time for salons, Vestige brings a complete skincare solution that allows some self-love. Assure Insta-Glow Facial Kit is a quick and easy way to unwind, relax and get glowing and healthy skin – all at the same time.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Gautam Bali, Managing Director, Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd., said, “Time is scarce and precious in the times we live, and we often end up ignoring the self-care each of us needs. At Vestige, it is our constant endeavour to offer uniquely crafted products that are in tune with the needs of customers today. We are very excited to introduce the Assure Insta-Glow Facial Kit that promises to enhance your skin radiance, and more importantly, your mood in no time, in the convenience of your home. “

The kit contains four products,

Facial cleanser that gently removes impurities, dirt and pollutants deeply from the upper layer of skin
Face scrub that helps to exfoliate skin whilst giving a detoxifying treatment
Facial massage cream that is infused with the goodness of berries that helps brighten skin and improves the skin’s elasticity
Facial mask that helps restore the skin’s freshness and brightens complexion for youthful-looking skin

It takes 4-simple steps of cleaning, scrubbing, massaging, and masking to clean, exfoliate, and restore the skin’s freshness and brighten complexion for youthful-looking skin. Priced at INR 700/- per box, each box consists of 5 facial kits.

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