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Trillbit Inc., a Boston and Bengaluru based deep-tech company, will demonstrate its IoT product solutions at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2022 in Las Vegas. Trillbit will showcase applications for its “Data over Sound” technology for frustration-free IoT Device Setup and Multi-factor Device Authentication.

Trillbit has entered into a partnership with Knowles Electronics, LLC, and will exhibit at the CES 2022 in the Knowles Suite at The Venetian Hotel’s Toscana Suite 3806. Knowles is a global market leader in advanced micro-acoustic microphones and speakers. Knowles has been named a CES® 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree for Knowles’ IA8201 AISonic™ DSP and AITransparency+ from Chatable for True Wireless Stereo (TWS).

Benno Ritter, Vice-President of Marketing and Sales at Trillbit, states, “The setup procedure for IoT devices poses a challenge to many users. Trillbit’s IoT Device Setup solution provides manufacturers a unique opportunity to offer an exciting user experience from the very moment customers interact with their new IoT device for the first time. It fosters brand loyalty with customers and reduces product return costs for manufacturers.”

According to Ritter, Voice will become the dominant mode of interaction with Smart Devices and the Internet of Things in the next few years, especially for voice-enabled e-commerce applications. However, until voice interactions incorporate ease-of-use Multifactor Authentication, voice-controlled Smart Devices cannot be trusted to conduct secure and high-value transactions — they’ll be relegated to “toy” interactions.

Voice is the future of the IoT industry, and it is projected that nearly two billion voice-controlled IoT devices will be sold in 2022 alone. However, with the surge of voice-controlled devices, concerns are rising about customer-friendly device setup procedures and secure authentication methods. In a Customer and Product Experience 360 (CPX 360™) Survey, iQor found that roughly 33% of people buying these devices face issues in setting up those devices, and nearly 22% of them returned the product.

A significant challenge in device setup or provisioning is that many IoT devices, such as sensors, smart speakers, doorbells, etc., are “headless,” meaning they do not have an input user interface. Configuring headless devices requires an initial pairing step for the transfer of credentials, and this process is complex and adds friction to the procedure.

The essential design goal for IoT devices is to make people’s lives easier. However, product reviews on e-commerce platforms like Amazon clearly show that customers return products because of the unpleasant experience of installing and using them for the first time.

Trillbit makes IoT device provisioning for users easy, frustration-free, and secure at the same time.

Shashikant Burnwal, COO of Trillbit adds, “Ease of setup and robust security are the two most essential factors on which the bright future of smart devices and applications depends. Trillbit offers an SDK for all leading software platforms to allow integration of reliable communication and authentication for consumer-grade voice-enabled Smart Devices. Our engineering team in India has been critical in building this deep technology product and we are proud to build a truly remarkable product for global clients. At CES, Trillbit will showcase its industry-leading solutions to the public for the first time and that will be a great showcase of Indian technology prowess at CES, the world’s biggest electronics show.”

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