Francisco Ortigosa, CEO of Ubiquity

The inception of Ubiquity AI stemmed from Francisco Ortigosa’s passion for leveraging generative AI to empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Throughout his career in the corporate sector, working on large-scale technological projects, Ortigosa observed that while these projects were transformative, they primarily benefited large multinational corporations. He noted that 90% of the world’s productive fabric consists of SMEs, which often have limited access to the latest technologies due to resource constraints. This disparity inspired him to make a significant change.

Ortigosa decided to leave the multinational sector to bring cutting-edge technology, particularly artificial intelligence, to SMEs. He founded Ubiquity AI with a clear mission: to democratize access to advanced AI technologies and help SMEs optimize their operations, enhance productivity, and explore new business opportunities. “By doing so, I aim to unlock their full potential and ensure they can compete on a level playing field with larger enterprises,” Ortigosa explains.

The overarching vision of Ubiquity AI is encapsulated in its Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP): to democratize AI and bring it to 1 billion people. Ortigosa often likens its goal to becoming “the McDonald’s of Artificial Intelligence—deploying AI instantly and affordably to every corner of the globe.” Over the next 5-10 years, Ubiquity AI aims to evolve by continuously innovating its AI offerings, expanding services globally, and becoming the go-to partner for SMEs looking to harness the power of AI. “We envision a future where every SME can leverage AI to drive growth, efficiency, and innovation,” he says, “achieving this by making AI accessible at a fractional cost.”

Ubiquity AI’s core values are innovation, integrity, customer-centricity, and continuous improvement. These values guide their interactions with clients, drive their commitment to developing innovative solutions, ensure ethical practices in all activities, and foster a culture of learning and growth within the team. Ortigosa believes these values are essential to building long-term relationships with clients and achieving sustainable success.

David Contreras and Gaby Dominguez, Ubiquity Mexico

Empowering SMEs with Cutting-Edge AI Solutions

Ubiquity AI’s mission aligns perfectly with current AI trends, emphasizing accessibility, scalability, and practical applications of AI across various industries. As AI technologies become more advanced and affordable, Ubiquity AI focuses on empowering SMEs to benefit from cutting-edge AI solutions without the need for large-scale investments. The company stays at the forefront of AI advancements to provide relevant and impactful solutions to its clients.

By 2027, Ubiquity AI aims to have its AI tools and platforms accessible to SMEs in over 50 countries, ensuring language and cultural inclusivity. The goal is to scale AI solutions to support businesses of all sizes, from micro-enterprises to larger SMEs, allowing them to grow and adapt seamlessly with Ubiquity AI’s technology. Ortigosa explains, “By 2027, we intend to develop and deploy AI applications tailored to at least 20 different industries, providing specialized tools that address unique business challenges and opportunities.”

One of the key objectives is to reduce the cost of AI adoption by 50% for SMEs within the next five years, making advanced AI capabilities financially feasible for smaller businesses. Ortigosa emphasizes, “The most distinctive characteristic of our solution is that our clients generate new revenue streams with the use of our solutions. Our solution is not merely software; software may save costs or increase efficiency, but it never generates cash.”

Ubiquity AI uses NPVs (Net Present Values) instead of ROI (Return on Investment) to measure success. “Our solution is a real investment that generates cash,” says Ortigosa. “We never take on cases where we doubt that the potential client might not generate that cash.” This approach has attracted the attention of M&A companies and rescue business companies, seeking to increase the value of companies they are selling or improve the chances of rescuing struggling businesses through the revenue streams generated by Ubiquity AI’s solutions.

Richard Koseluk, VP of Business Development, Ubiquity

Driving Financial Growth Through Innovative AI Solutions

Unlike traditional Large Language Models (LLMs), which primarily focus on improving operational efficiency, Retriever-Augmented Generative (RAG) models significantly enhance a business’s financial performance by occupying existing idle capacities and generating new revenue streams. For instance, in exploiting a current value proposition, Ubiquity AI’s AI optimizes internal processes to enhance efficiency and reduce operational costs. Ortigosa elaborates, “An example is a car dealership using sentiment analysis to understand customer preferences better, leading to successful upselling strategies.”

When expanding the value proposition, Ubiquity AI’s solutions enable rapid adaptation to market needs by personalizing products and services, thereby attracting new customers. Ortigosa adds, “A notable case is a luxury yacht company that created a new revenue stream by offering tailored recommendations to clients.”

Furthermore, in exploring new value propositions, Ubiquity AI’s AI drives innovation and the creation of new products or services, opening entirely new markets. Ortigosa cites an example, “An industrial data capture company successfully ventured into the industrial AI sector with the help of a RAG model.” By focusing on these transformative applications, Ubiquity AI ensures that SMEs not only stay competitive but also thrive by tapping into new growth opportunities and generating sustainable financial outcomes.

Just Sverre & Ann Jeanette, Ubiquity Mexico

Streamlining Knowledge Management with Tailored AI Solutions

Ubiquity AI specializes in implementing tailored AI solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing systems. An exemplary application is the CoPilot application, engineered for knowledge management, processing, and analyzing vast data sets to deliver nuanced insights that inform decision-making. Ortigosa explains, “For Institucion Futuro, a Think Tank in Spain focused on improving the competitiveness of companies in Navarre, CoPilot provides access to an impressive repository comprising 51 million words, 10,600 URLs, 5,500 reports, and 80 websites. This makes it an unparalleled source of information.”

Institucion Futuro deployed Ubiquity AI’s solution to analyze, correlate, and generate data from existing reports, producing novel content and valuable insights. The Think Tank faced challenges in disseminating its vast repository of reports due to the overwhelming amount of content on its website. In response, the institute deployed Ubiquity AI’s RAG system, trained with numerous reports, web pages, and approximately 100 affiliated institutional websites.

This implementation allowed their 200 affiliated companies to easily access synthesized reports generated by CoPilot. Each report features a comprehensive list of sources, ensuring transparency and enhancing the credibility of the information provided. Ortigosa adds, “This enabled Institucion Futuro to streamline its information-handling process and improve the effectiveness of its policy advocacy.”

Rafael Torres, Javier Regueiro and Ignacio – Ubiquity Spain

Pioneering User-Centric AI Solutions

Ubiquity AI’s generative AI capabilities are distinguished by their adaptability, precision, and user-centric design. Unlike standard AI solutions, Ubiquity AI’s models are specifically trained to address the unique needs of SMEs, providing highly relevant and actionable insights. Ortigosa elaborates, “Our use of Retriever-Augmented Generative (RAG) models ensures that our solutions are always leveraging the most current and specific data, offering a significant advantage over more static AI models like ChatGPT.”

The company offers real-time training and access to unlimited documents, tables, YouTube videos, podcasts, and most databases. Ortigosa adds, “All our solutions can be turned into an iPhone or Android app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.” Furthermore, Ubiquity AI’s services include Wolfram Alpha integration, custom API calls, and IFTTT integration. Their solutions also seamlessly integrate with apps and websites like Webflow, WordPress, Wix, Google Sites, Shopify, Notion, Framer, and .bubble. Ubiquity AI’s solutions are integrated with Web Browser, Google Search, Wikipedia Search, Dall-E-3, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Messenger, accessible from within Max.

To ensure their technology remains cutting-edge, Ubiquity AI invests in continuous research and development, collaborates with leading AI research institutions, and maintains an agile approach to product development. They actively gather feedback from clients to understand their evolving needs and incorporate insights into their technology roadmap. Ortigosa emphasizes, “Our research focus is not only in the development of technology but also in the customization for different sectors and the quantification of possible revenues produced by our solutions in each sector. This way, we maximize our strategy to generate cash for our clients.” Ubiquity AI has developed custom solutions for 22 sectors to date, continuously exploring how to integrate their solution into new verticals.

Revolutionizing Industries with Autonomous AI Agents

As a leading figure at the intersection of business and artificial intelligence, Ortigosa is excited about several upcoming technologies and trends in AI that are being integrated into its offerings. One of the most groundbreaking advancements is the deployment of autonomous AI agents that interact directly with machines. Ortigosa explains, “Our agents are not just theoretical concepts; they perform real work in the real world, operating autonomously to enhance efficiency and productivity.”

These agents function as software robots or brains, capable of giving life to any machine, similar to the concept seen in the Transformers movie. Ubiquity AI is particularly focused on industrial AI, where these agents are transforming the manufacturing landscape. The company is partnering with a specialized company to retrieve data from old machinery, which the agents will process to optimize operations. Ortigosa elaborates, “This initiative involves deploying a brain in every machine, allowing for smarter, more responsive industrial processes.”

In addition to industrial applications, Ubiquity AI is exploring the luxury market through “Luxurious AI.” By partnering with a 3D AI company, the company offers personalized, high-quality designs for bespoke jewelry at a fraction of the traditional cost. This approach leverages AI’s characteristics of exclusivity and customization to meet the unique tastes and preferences of each customer.

The company’s innovations also extend to agriculture. By partnering with a sensor company, Ubiquity AI aims to automate greenhouse operations, enhancing the efficiency and productivity of agricultural practices. This partnership will enable precise monitoring and control of environmental conditions, leading to better crop yields and resource management.

Furthermore, Ubiquity AI’s autonomous AI agents are designed to adapt and learn from their environment, making them increasingly efficient over time. Ortigosa highlights, “These agents can make decisions, predict maintenance needs, and optimize workflows without human intervention, significantly reducing operational costs and increasing productivity.”

This is just a glimpse of Ubiquity AI’s short-term growth. As the company continues to integrate cutting-edge technologies, Ortigosa and his team are confident that their AI solutions will revolutionize various industries, providing unparalleled value and transforming the way businesses operate.

Ubiquity AI’s Vision for the Future

Ubiquity AI plans to address future market needs by expanding its services, developing industry-specific AI solutions, enhancing AI-driven automation capabilities, and increasing its global footprint. Ortigosa states, “Our goal is to continuously evolve our offerings to meet the dynamic needs of SMEs worldwide.”

Despite the proliferation of developers and AI applications in the market, AI implementation remains underdeveloped. Ortigosa highlights the gap, stating, “While 72% of executives recognize the necessity of this technology, only 5% acknowledge that their company is capable of effectively implementing it. This situation is unsustainable; there is a vast amount of development but very few practical, widespread applications.”

Ubiquity AI bridges this gap by providing services that generate cash for clients, rather than just licensing software. Ortigosa emphasizes, “From the very beginning, we understood the importance of an international distribution network that directly engages with companies, rather than waiting for someone to download our solution.”

Already, two companies developing AI applications have approached Ubiquity AI to distribute their applications through their network under their brand. Ortigosa explains, “Expansion is in our DNA. Even before having a website, we were operating in two countries (Mexico and Spain). Unlike others who typically start selling and then expand, we created the network first and then began distribution.”

Looking ahead, Ubiquity AI’s future lies in expansion, reaching every corner of the globe. “Our vision is to become the McDonald’s of artificial intelligence, rapidly deploying AI products at low prices in every corner of the world,” Ortigosa concludes.

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