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UPCRED, a platform designed for brands and creators, has raised Rs. 3.3 cr in a pre-seed round from angel investors including entrepreneur Syed Firdous Hussain and Gayatri Nikkam. UPCRED plans to use this funding for MVP product development and prepare the platform for market launch.

UPCRED is co-founded by Sanjay Choudhary, a computer science graduate who has previously worked with startups such as Shuttl and Workex, Dharmpal Chaudhary, a software engineer who has worked with various well-known brands like AirAsia, WorkIndia, Yelow.AI, and Aditya Bhattacharjee, who prior to joining UPCRED worked as a producer, model, and full-time actor.

UPCRED aspires to be a part of this new tech wave, and it’s striving to make sure that its platform becomes the go-to spot for brands and creators all around the world. With UPCRED, brands will no longer need to rely on agencies or old traditional models to find quality creators; instead, they will be able to find creators to collaborate with on their own through UPCRED’s unified platform.

The creator economy is a growing sector in India that will continue to experience rapid growth in the future. With the increase in social community-based platforms, there are consistently new people entering the realm and creating their own creator circles. UPCRED aims to democratise creator marketing through unified tech-based models.

Talking about their investment, Syed Firdous Hussain and Gayatri Nikkam said, “With 2022 touted as the Year of Creators, we believe UPCRED is going to be at the forefront of the Creator Economy. We believe that the products we are building will empower millions of creators. We are excited to be a part of their journey and the vision of UPCRED.”

“The creator economy is currently in its golden rush globally. We want to power the creator ecosystem forward with our technological innovation coupled with a deep understanding of the advertising and creator landscape. With our holistic approach, we want our platform to be used by brands to advertise, engage, and manage creators easily. By doing that, we want to empower millions of creators to create, learn and earn with us, to enable social democracy and gig economy”, as mentioned by Sanjay Choudhary, the co-founder of UPCRED.

UPCRED foresees the potential of the creator industry and knows that it is rapidly expanding. With many creators constantly carving out content, UPCRED believes in creating an ecosystem that encompasses creator commerce as well as creator growth tools. UPCRED aspires to help creators grow their own brands and develop more partnerships with other brands and businesses.

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