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Venus Infrastructure and Developers Pvt. Ltd has launched a new ad campaign on its latest offering, STRATUM, featuring Gujarati film and theatre actor Pratik Gandhi. Conceptualised by Zero Gravity Communications, the ad titled ‘Big Bull of Business Destinations’ reinforces the significance of nostalgia associated with a particular location in our lives.

“Ahmedabad is rapidly developing as a major city due to infrastructural developments and growth of real estate. We, as realty players, can play an instrumental role in contributing to the growth story of Ahmedabad & Baroda through our best-in-class offerings,” Rajesh Vaswani, Founder and Director, Venus Infrastructure and Developers Pvt. Ltd.

The ad depicts the protagonist, Pratik Gandhi, visiting an under-construction site with his friend, who is sceptical about the place and asks to explore alternative locations as their commercial property. But Pratik, having made up his mind, says while the property offers the best amenities, the development area is the heart of the city and recounts several childhood memories associated with the region.

Nehru Nagar is an elite corporate space that reflects soaring ambitions and leaves an iconic impression. Stratum at Venus Grounds, Nehru Nagar is a premium business hub and a sought-after area of the city. A symbol of pride, it is the home to successful visionaries. To reflect upon this emotion, Pratik Gandhi very rightly says that Nehrunagar “Sirf dil nahi, dhadkan hai ye seher ki”.

“Our key messaging for this ad was not only to showcase our marquee offering- ‘STRATUM; but also reinforce our emotion behind developing this region, Nehru Nagar in Ahmedabad. Pratik Gandhi amplifies our messaging through his versatile acting prowess. We understand that an individual is emotionally connected to his property. Also, location is among the key factors while choosing the property that you proudly call your workplace. The ad reaffirms our commitment to delivering projects exemplifying best-in-class construction practices,” Rajesh Vaswani added.

“We are proud to partner with Venus Infrastructure and Developers in their vision to redefine the realty landscape in Ahmedabad and Baroda. Their idea behind this campaign is to make Stratum, their upcoming futuristic commercial project, synonymous with Nehru Nagar, the heart of Ahmedabad. The key challenge was to highlight the value propositions of Stratum as a futuristic workplace for next-generation millennials, as the project is still under construction. This concept is brought to life by portraying the generation of millennials who are carrying forward the legacy of their families with their businesses in Nehrunagar for a long time,” said Khushboo Solanki Sharma, Founder, Zero Gravity Communications.

“The TVC had to strike a chord in the hearts of thousands of people who have lived in Nehrunagar and successfully conducted business there. Stratum, with its state-of-the-art amenities, offers a perfect opportunity to upscale their business location. Pratik Gandhi, an acclaimed Indian actor, truly brings justice to the messaging through his versatile acting skills,” she added.

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