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Harshi and Rudransh, tech-savvy and curious-by-nature siblings, have built six innovative IoT smart light projects using the WizKlub platform. They have created Web Apps and Alexa Skills to control the smart light. Harshi and Rudrash are an apt example of how learning can be fun by using creativity and technology in today’s day and age. They assembled and connected WizKlub’s IoT microprocessor ESP32 based WizGear kit and the Smart light module with WizKlub’s IoT Coding platform wizblock.ai over the Internet. In all of their experiments, they created their own programs on wizblock.ai and controlled the Smart Light over the Internet to display interesting patterns like rainbow colors, heart-beat etc. WizKlub’s WizGear kit is available on Amazon store here – link.

One of the other relevant projects for these times conducted by them is to check if the Covid vaccination slots are available or full and get a notification through the Smart Light when a slot is available. Another application includes flashing of the smart light to green if in a cricket match, a batsman hits a six and red if he hits a four. This was a great way to be updated on the recent IPL matches even if they were not in front of their TV. The output of all these applications is also available through Alexa in any regional language. Other interesting projects include painting using an IoT brush, and notification when the International Space Station passes over their location. And the last one was to connect Facebook to their smart light.

The tech-duo have already planned and ideated their upcoming projects- connecting the Smart Gear light to Google Assistant, Mars Rover and building blockchain.

Amit Bansal, Founder & CEO, WizKlub, says, “The future of children is dependent on the opportunities that they are presented today. We, at WizKlub, want to ensure that we tickle the grey cells of children in a way that can enable their cognitive thinking and problem solving capabilities. The Young Product Designer Program makes every child a Tech Explorer and Creator for life”

Aparna, mother of these siblings and an IITian, said, “We are happy that our kids are getting a blend of phygital learning experience with WizKlub’s WizGear kit to keep them engaged in a fun way. We are extremely happy and proud that in spite of being homebound, our children have gotten such opportunities to keep learning and applying their knowledge.”

WizKlub, an ed-tech startup, delivers a personalized learning path for every child for maximum efficacy. The WizKlub SmartTech Program, a first-of-its-kind for children as young as 6 years, builds lifelong skills and confidence to create tech products by application of coding, robotics, smart devices, and AI.

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