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Bangalore-based Yashram Lifestyle Brands Pvt Ltd has launched a campaign #BeShameless to commemorate the world menstrual hygiene day. The campaign encourages women and men to have more conversations on periods and make them a part of the mainstream. Shot in real life documentary narrative, with real conversations with real people, the video series brings to light some old and some new aspects of the period conversation that needs to be spoken about.

“There is so much more that needs to be done in the menstrual hygiene space. This campaign focuses on the need for removing the taboo around such conversations in everyday lives in everyday homes. This is a life changing event in every girl’s life. However, it cannot be one that keeps takes away her freedom and boxes her in another layer of bias. The more we normalize this discussion with women and men in our homes and surroundings, we take away its power to hold a girl back. So, speak up.”, commented Deepa Kumar, Founder & CEO, of Yashram Lifestyle.

Deepa Kumar is also the mind behind the widely popular invention – “Period Panty” that has found loyal patrons across the country. She holds the patent for the “Sanitary Undergarment” invention ​from the United States Patent Office in March 2015 and an Indian Patent for the same product in February 2019. A complete made in India brand, the Yashram house of brands includes Morph Maternity and Adira. Its complete range of innovative products solve real life vulnerabilities across various stages of a woman’s life.

The campaign was shot in-house by the brand marketing team and features real stories from their team members.

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