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Leading HR-tech company ZingHR has been adjudged among the ‘Top Ten Human Capital Management Suites in Asia’ in the recent Gartner study. Titled ‘Market Guide for Human Capital Management Suites,’ the study takes cognisance of the digital transformation in the HR space. It ranks leading HR-solution-providers on the basis of geography, industry type and size. The study highlights the significance of tailored HR solutions in fulfilling organisational requirements. It emphasises the vendor’s long-term viability, vision, capabilities of the HCM suite, customer momentum and services, among key drivers for choosing an appropriate solution.

“We are thrilled to feature in the coveted Gartner study. It is a testimony to our commitment to aiding enterprises to achieve their business goals through digital technology. The pandemic and the rising attrition rate in firms have reaffirmed the need to revisit the HR strategy and harness technology to achieve favourable outcomes. Cloud-based HCM solutions have emerged as a sought-after option for organisations worldwide as they ensure convenience, affordability and ‘on-the-go’ access,” said Prasad Rajappan, Founder&CEO, ZingHR.

The Gartner report highlights that 60% of global midsize and large enterprises will have invested in cloud-deployed human capital management (HCM) suites for administrative HR and talent management by 2025 but will use other solutions to meet 20% to 30% of their HR requirements. Moreover, 40% of cloud HCM suite adopters will use the vendor-provided platform as a service(PaaS) tools by 2023 to meet requirements not delivered via software configuration.

Amid the ‘Great Resignation’ wave, the study stresses the importance of prioritising functions in the HCM suites such as VoE, workforce planning, reporting, analytics, talent acquisition, and career and succession planning.

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