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ZingHR, the Global Mobile First, HRMS company, empowering over 700 enterprise customers worldwide with around 2 million product users, is excited to announce the launch of its brand-new corporate identity program. After weeks of intensive research on how to tune the brand positioning and make it more aligned to the company’s value, ZingHR team came up with a corporate identity that is backed by a new and unique logo unit along with associated color schemes and fonts.

Moving forward & transforming for the better, keeping in tune with the current trends and needs of the customers and a spike in the growth trajectory of the company, gave birth to the idea of building a new corporate identity for ZingHR.

The research used was based on color psychology, semiotics and symbolism along with a broad understanding of the brand perception in the market. The new logo unit that comprises a hummingbird fluttering its wings is based on elements of design thinking and flickering motion denoting the constant change dynamics that Zing represents.

The colors palette used are a mix of Blue, Black, Grey and Green which indicates messages that vary from calmness, trust, intelligence, power & elegance, to being professional and formal to growth, harmony and prosperity. These colors are precisely used for the corporate identity as they speak the language of the brand’s value system. Even the usage of fonts is contemporary, sleek and progressive which again translates to what ZingHR is, as an entity.

The rationale and idea behind the logo usage of a bird shows agility, movement and progress. The fluttering action shows that the brand is dynamic and not stagnant.

“A strong Corporate Identity is very important for the organization as it helps in the company’s interaction with its customers. Using a powerful and accurate identity, customers can get a great understanding of the brand on the whole. We, at ZingHR, are ecstatic to announce the new corporate identity program which will help us in creating a brand image for the external world and also help us in attaining our business goals.” says Prasad Rajappan, Founder & MD, ZingHR.

“A good brand identity helps in creating brand awareness and top of the mind recall for any company. We want to tell the world that we are striving for better and moving forward. The bird on our logo, for example, represents ZingHR as a progressive company that wants to always do better for their customers. As a company, our approach is driven by innovation, knowledge and a mantra of keeping our customers happy. Our new corporate identity program showcases our personality as a brand and also creates consistency in the minds of the audience. The identity will help us establish a relationship not only with our customers, but with the world as well” says Michael Good, Global Chief Operating Officer, ZingHR.

“ZingHR has massive plans to go global this year and we have started our journey. We already have set footprints in SEA, APAC, ME and Australia this year and we are planning to go global in the next 2 quarters. Our growth trajectory is important so we needed a corporate identity program (CIP) that resounds our ambitions for a global footprint. We worked for weeks to build this current new corporate identity program.

We reached out to a lot of enterprises, internal and external stakeholders to understand how we could represent outcomes with a growth focussed CIP and then after a lot of iterations we came up with this logo unit. The hummingbird depicts our eternal thought to be ever evolving and bringing in change in the growth dynamics. Our CIP will focus on a higher degree of CX and UX for our enterprise, mid- market and early-stage growth prospects and existing customers. Our objective is to be one of the top HRTech brands with a global footprint in the next year and this CIP will help us get a foot in that door of hope.” says Ravi Kikan, Director Online Sales, Marketing and Growth, ZingHR.

After weeks of defining a clear purpose, and envisioning how the brand ZingHR needs to look like, the corporate identity program finally took flight, keeping the vision and mission of this leading HRTech company.

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