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Leading HR-tech firm ZingHR, through its start-ups and SMB-focussed platform ZingNEO, has partnered with Mumbai Angels Network Pvt Ltd. The partnership will enable ZingHR to reach out to early-stage companies and startups in the Mumbai Angels Network’s portfolio.

“We look forward to working closely with the Mumbai Angels Network. This strategic partnership is a part of our commitment to tapping newer avenues and expanding our outreach across diverse clientele across sectors. It will provide us with an opportunity to build bridges with not only key enterprise clients but also early-stage companies and start-ups,” said Ravi Bajaj, Co-Founder and Director, ZingHR.

Mumbai Angels is a premier angel investment platform in India focussed on venture investing, actively building the understanding of venture investment as an asset class, and creating platforms where both founders and investors can learn, invest and grow. Currently, they have 170+ active portfolio companies across sectors and are aiming to reach 300 by 2022.

“We are thrilled to associate with a leading angel investing institution that has handheld us during our nascent stage. We hope to leverage this partnership by making inroads into invested companies and start-ups enlisted on their portfolio in our endeavour to offer curated solutions and directly impact their business outcomes,” said Ravi Kikan, Director Marketing & Growth, ZingHR.

“We are curating a high-end cohort of service providers to strengthen the core businesses of our portfolio companies. We believe ZingNEO can be a promising partner for the cloud HR service, an innovative solution for early-stage companies looking to redefining their HR function. We look forward to a fruitful association with ZingNEO,” added Shivangi Bubna, Head, Investment Product, Mumbai Angels Network.

ZingNeo is a newly-launched vertical of ZingHR that aims to tap startups, SMBs and micro-enterprises with focused HR tech solutions like AI in Chatbots, Robotic Interviews, Machine Learning, Surveys, QR Code Attendance, performance management software, Career and Succession Planning, ZingID and many more to achieve OUTCOMATION for these businesses.

ZingNEO is powered by ZingHR. ZingHR is an HR Tech venture accelerated at Microsoft, with more than 500+ employees, 700+ customers and 1.50+ Million active users. It offers a complete solution of the end-to-end processes in HR, which provides ease of leave, attendance, payroll and claim management.
It is one of the few global ventures which offers almost all web/mobile-based modules from Hire to Retire Solutions with a state-of-the-art tech supporting those applications. ZingHR’s core focus is on OUTCOMATION™️, which aims at achieving Tangible and Measurable Business Outcomes Like Top Line, EBIDTA, People Efficiency, People Productivity. Some of the unassuming features like Leave and Attendance, Survey, Digital Onboarding, Payroll Software, Performance Management System and many more.

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