Editorial Team

Zolo – Category leader and the largest co-living brand launches the Use-Less campaign to mark this Earth Day. Using clever word play, the campaign put a spin on the word ‘ useless’ and creates a positive monologue. Zolo believes that “using less” is the need of the hour and encourages people to be mindful about resources.

On the campaign, Rishi Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer, Zolo commented, “The campaign idea encourages our strong kinship for shared spaces, shared living and resourceful use of shared utilities. Since everything is available in such abundance nowadays, we usually end up binge buying or only because I wish to “own” things for the sake of owning. The current generation thinks differently. With this campaign we are not only showcasing this but also aligning ourselves with the same belief. With a firm belief in shared economy, we are honored to be driving this change. We encourage people to be use-less in a positive manner and inculcate the habit of using resources judiciously.”

Through their recent campaigns, Zolo has shown exemplary footprints in social responsibility and safety initiatives. The Use-less campaign is another addition to Zolo’s endeavor to encourage the idea of shared economy.

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