Digital First to Human First

Rebecca Murtagh is a Futurist, best-selling author, motivational leadership and innovation speaker, and CEO of the Human AI Institute following 20 years as Founder and CEO of an award-winning digital consultancy in New York, USA. Rebecca leverages 100,000+ hours of real-world experience as a trusted advisor to Fortune 500, multi-national brands, startups, funded ventures, and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley to Main Street and beyond to help executives, entrepreneurs and teams accelerate growth and create sustainable success. As an internet pioneer in the 1990’s Rebecca blazed a trail of innovation in ecommerce, automation, and business in the digital realm.    As an early adopter of technology for decades, I have a deep appreciation for the role technology can play to improve efficiency and quality of life for humans. Technology is advancing so fast; I believe we are approaching a tipping point where technology could be valued more than the humans who created it. The Digital Sea of Data Digital transformation has created an ever-growing mountain of data. Virtually every human action and interaction in the digital realm creates data.  In 2022 Around 2.5 quintillion bytes worth of data are generated each day according to LinkedIn. 70% of that data is generated … Continue reading Digital First to Human First