Sunrise Banks: A Social Engine for Good

Fintechs have kept up with consumer expectations over the last two decades by reinforcing user experience and incorporating cutting-edge financial tools. This is especially true in today’s economy, where more people live paycheck to paycheck than ever before. Financially...


GT Securities: Empowering Bankers to Thrive

FinTech innovations are transforming the traditional investment banking industry in unique and powerful ways. It is a true ‘levelling of the playing field,’ where now the tech-savvy i-banker – no matter the size of their firm – can provide...

Qarar: Helping Achieve Superior Digital Transformation in the Fintech Space

Global digital transformation is expanding at an exponential rate, affecting every industry. Focusing on the Fintech domain, this segment has begun challenging the traditional finance and banking methods. The growth of ML, AI, blockchain, and RPA are revolutionising the...


Five Common Data Security Pitfalls to Avoid

Filip Cotfas has an impressive background in sales and project management. As a Channel Manager at CoSoSys, he is utilizing his extensive skills for the daily operating efficiency with a focus on the South Asia, Middle East and Northern...


Benefits of Health Techs in Terms of Accessibility and Affordability

Mr. Gaurav Dubey, the CEO of LivLong, embarked on this journey to empower the economy class of India for their preventive healthcare needs. Technology has always been the backbone of development. India’s healthcare infrastructure is experiencing dynamic growth, however,...

Is Marketing in the Metaverse Sustainable and Profitable?

Siddharth Devnani is the Co-Founder and Director at SoCheers. Having a Production Engineering degree along with an MBA in Operations, he started his career interning with Tata Motors and Future Group (Pantaloon Retail), which gave him hands-on experience on...

Decoding the Fashion Accessories Market: What Do the Present and Future Look Like?

Aditya Modak is the Co-founder & Director of Gargi by P N Gadgil & Sons, a handcrafted contemporary jewelry brand based in Pune. Aditya is a widely experienced finance, marketing, and sales professional with over nine years of expertise...

Inclusion (of women) in the Farming Industry: Sustainability for Farmers & Owners

Sanket Mehta, is a Co-Founder of Nutrifresh Farm Tech India Pvt Ltd. established in the year 2019. He has completed MBA in technology management and finance and holds more than 15+ years of experience. Nutrifresh Farm Tech India Pvt....


Creating Digital Factories in A Digital World

Krishnan is a thought leader and a respected veteran of the industrial automation industry having associated with leading OEMs like Invensys (Schneider) and Emerson. Through his strategic foresight, drive, and determination, Utthunga has grown from a three people team...

When Fathers Don the Chef’s Hat

Chefpreneur, Restauranteur and Consultant Ajay Chopra is a name to reckon within the Indian culinary universe for the past three decades. His work repertoire grew from being a chef to coining flagship associations in the corporate, e-commerce and restaurant...


FinTech: A Flourishing Market

A booming fintech market is not a post-pandemic phenomenon. Since the launch of the first handheld calculator and the first ATM installed by Barclays bank, technology has been intervening in the financial systems to make transactions faster, easier, and...



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