Transforming Enterprises Through Thought Leadership

Larry Larmeu is the UK ServiceNow practice lead under Technology Strategy and Transformation. He has over 20 years’ experience in technology, with over 10 years delivering transformation to Financial Services organisations with ServiceNow. He is a member of the...


HealthBird: Making Healthcare Accessible to Everyone

The health insurance industry has long been a labyrinthine system with countless policies, regulations, and variables to navigate. The rising costs of care have made it all the more difficult for individuals to find and utilize the best insurance...

KeyCare: Unlocking the Future of Virtual Care

For decades, physician shortages have been cited as one of the most significant barriers to delivering better access to quality care at lower costs in the U.S. healthcare system. However, the reality is that our nation does not have...

Safely2Prosperity: Developing Innovative Infectious Disease Spread Risk Management Solutions

In 2022, the global healthcare IT market was approximately USD 140 billion and was projected to exhibit a CAGR of nearly 18% from 2023 to 2030. The growing trend of digitalization in healthcare, rising demand for preventive care solutions,...


Platform Model Enables To Connect Sustainable Value

Nouamane Cherkaoui started his career in Capital Venture and e-Payment Systems. He created his Start-up in 2001. Nouamane is an experienced Chief Information, Transformation & Data Officer with a demonstrated history of working in international financial services. He led...


Success – A Result of a Clear Strategy

Bastian grew up in the Cologne area and after his studies, he began a career in international sales. Over the years, Bastian specialized in the successful implementation and improvement of various cold calling systems before focusing on the scalability...

The Future is Cyber-physical

Steve is a CTO and Chief Architect who has spent the last 12 years working for HMG within UK National Security. Currently at Sopra Steria as the CTO on a large defence programme, Steve was previously a member of...

Data Governance Framework in 7 Steps

Ema Castellari is a Data Governance & Analytics Project Manager at COA (Argentina) and Hiberus (Spain). She holds a degree in System Analyst from UTN, and has completed several postgraduate courses in BI and Data Governance. Her last certification...

Effective Communication in a Digital World

Rob grew up in Los Angeles California and moved to Oklahoma where began his career in Cyber Systems Operations while serving on active-duty U.S. Air Force. He has spent 25 years in diverse technology roles. He loves a good...


Rewriting the Rules of Commerce as Future Normal

John Gao has been the CTO of Henkel’s digital business since 2020. Before he joined Henkel, he held various global and regional CIO and CTO positions for MNCs in Asia-Pacific and the US.   From the retail shelf to...

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