Dr. Haden Land, CEO, Safely2Prosperity

In 2022, the global healthcare IT market was approximately USD 140 billion and was projected to exhibit a CAGR of nearly 18% from 2023 to 2030. The growing trend of digitalization in healthcare, rising demand for preventive care solutions, the emergence of numerous startups, increasing strategic partnerships, and massive funding are fuelling this market growth.

To stay relevant and ahead of the game, many tech companies focus on applying their expertise to solve problems caused by the pandemic. On the other hand, traditional healthcare companies have turned their attention to technology and its potential to transform the delivery of their products and services.

Safely2Prosperity (S2P), a leading healthcare infectious-disease spread risk-management company, is taking a more integrated approach. The company is focusing more on interoperability, cloud-based platform, mobility, data intelligence, and other emerging technologies to develop cutting-edge solutions and make a positive impact by protecting lives and livelihoods. Under its CEO, Dr. Haden Land’s leadership, the company plans to expand beyond infectious disease risk management by investing in health and wellness, community portals, and the development of a pandemic/preparedness safety standard. “It’s clear that the pandemic has accelerated the digitization of the healthcare industry, and S2P is well positioned to be an enabler of this trend,” adds Haden.

The Inception Story

In 2019, Dr. John Norris founded Safely2Prosperity LLC because he identified a critical unserved need in his years as Principal Deputy Commissioner and COO of the U.S. FDA and teaching risk management at Harvard University. This enormous but heretofore unseen missing piece in the U.S. and the worldwide regulatory puzzle desperately needed a unique solution. He soon assembled an expert team of advisors at the top of their fields in healthcare, life sciences, risk management and response, knowledge management, education, and technology to develop a comprehensive risk-management solution platform that could keep people safe and organizations productive, especially during infectious disease outbreaks such as COVID-19. As a result, S2P was born with a mission to empower companies, governments, government agencies, schools, healthcare providers, and more to be ready for the viral threats of today and tomorrow.

Moving forward, S2P’s vision is to be recognized as a market leader in helping people, their colleagues, and organizations be less at risk from spreading infectious diseases and increasing their overall health and wellness. By combining its cutting-edge technology, safety standard, and expertise in workplace vaccinations, therapeutics, testing, quarantines, and exposure tracking, S2P empowers organizations to meet and surpass global health and safety benchmarks.

Dr. John Norris, Founder & Executive Chairman, Safely2Prosperity

An Industry Stalwart Taking on New Charge

Haden is a cybersecurity and IT senior executive leader with forty years of professional experience. His substantive areas of expertise cover a broad spectrum of the needs of businesses and government agencies operating in national security and related industries. He is known for his exceptional senior executive leadership acumen with an unusual combination of profound technical expertise in numerous state-of-art technologies, which includes cloud computing, big data, cyber security, enterprise mobility, complex adaptive systems, engineering, IT assessments, R&D, enterprise architecture, business continuity/DR. He has domain knowledge in government, space, energy, law enforcement, transportation, finance, and healthcare. He has successfully performed in several C-Level positions, such as CEO/CTO/CIO/CISO, and served on numerous boards as Chairman/Director/Trustee. Moreover, throughout his career, Haden has developed a reputation as one who can solve some of the most challenging problems around the globe. This has often been demonstrated, whether focused on technology/engineering implementation, research/development innovation, or management/leadership excellence.

When S2P Founder & Executive Chairman approached Haden to join the S2P Advisory Board, he couldn’t say no. Within six months of coming on board and after several highly visible accomplishments, he was offered the CEO & CTO position. The S2P vision, mission, and objectives truly inspire him, and he believes they are critical for the U.S. and the entire world. He currently serves as CEO, CTO, and Advisory Board Member at S2P.

Tackling Challenges with Expertise, Passion, & Vision

When Haden took charge as the CEO at S2P, his immediate challenges were the need for an effective sales enablement plan and the necessary business automation systems to effectively target, qualify, convince, and close opportunities. There was also limited marketing collateral that effectively stated S2P’s value proposition. However, under his leadership and vision, the company quickly mitigated those challenges by defining and creating an exceptional start-to-finish sales enablement model and implementing a robust customer relationship management system. Additionally, the S2P team also initiated a series of market surveys to ensure the company focuses on the ideal client types and establishes a well-defined addressable market.

Furthermore, S2P’s Advisory Board needed some additional critical skills to better support the expansion and execution of the company’s business strategy. Since Haden became the CEO, S2P has onboarded three exceptional new board members, each with the critical expertise needed. Lastly, the S2P team acknowledges the potential of their Infectious Disease Management System (IDMS) platform and the fact that it delivers true business value and returns on investment.

“Our effective teamwork and dedication are successfully transforming S2P into a company that methodically approaches what we need to do, a remarkable achievement by any measure”, shares Haden.

Key Offerings

S2P’s powerful cloud-based software uses data intelligence to prepare for, predict and manage infectious disease threats. It also automates the procedures required to control a viral outbreak. Moreover, S2P integrates seamlessly with the client organization’s existing framework and is HIPAA/ADA compliant.

Apart from this, S2P’s innovative platform offers customizable analytics, including alarms, alerts, workplace, and regional trends, threats, and action lists. The platform can also be tailored as per the client’s requirements. Likewise, S2P leverages its SaaS infectious risk management and multi-product dashboard to pair with customized vaccination, therapeutic, testing, and tracking technology packages. It also enables easy access to organizational leaders, HR managers, and employees to monitor, track, and manage positive cases to reduce infectious disease spread. In addition, a considerable attention has been given while developing a mobile client version of the software solution that provides users all the key features necessary to execute functions and access status pertaining to themselves and/or their organization.

What Sets S2P Apart from Others?

S2P stands out from the crowd as the leading market player in reducing the risk of infectious diseases and promoting overall health and wellness for individuals, colleagues, and organizations. The company has also launched its customer beta and value stream mapping program in the U.S. and India, aimed at optimizing its existing system capabilities to offer a market-proven solution by early 2Q2023.

Partner Benefits

S2P partners benefit from the company’s relentless focus on collaboration and teamwork. For instance, S2P is increasing its collaboration with its development partner, DICORP, to continually enhance its offering. It is also in the process of fielding its community portal for its client base.

Another benefit that S2P partners get is experiencing the company culture of being accountable, performance-oriented, strong integrity, highly ethical, caring demeanor, impetuous passion, and bi-directional trust. Most importantly, the company also focuses on bringing quality attention to its teammates in various media engagements, from press releases, published articles, websites, community portals, marketing literature, and related initiatives.

ROI is Measured in the Number of Lives Saved

“S2P’s IDMS platform offers digital solutions to infectious diseases and health issues, allowing leaders to ensure the safety and productivity of their workforce during outbreaks through preparation, warning, and response,” shares Dr. John Norris, Founder & Executive Chairman, S2P. The department personnel continue to apply the system effectively to enable the co-workers to be safe and productive in running the business. Likewise, lawyers and companies remain comfortable with the liability exposure to enable the business to be carried out.

However, the most critical success factors that S2P focuses on in determining ROI is about saving lives, improving wellness, reducing errors, improving employee retention, sustaining productivity, avoiding lockdowns, being scalable/flexible/configurable, providing alarms/alerts, HIPAA/ADA compliance, providing a permanent record, helping businesses in decision-making, robust reporting, and data aggregation/validation/intelligence.

New Targets to be Achieved

At S2P, the key risk categories monitored are financial, customer, reputation, technical, talent, partners, and safety. A corporate risk register is maintained at the senior executive management level.

Hence, under Haden’s leadership, the new target about risk is as challenges surface or issues are brought forward, whether he identifies them or others do, he will always acknowledge their presence and then work with the team to mitigate them quickly, thoughtfully, and deeply.

Effective Marketing Strategies

S2P has a robust marketing and advertisement plan laid out for the entirety of 2023, leveraging numerous media channels. In addition, S2P’s team is conducting a series of market surveys to further assess the quality and accuracy of its targeted addressable market segments being pursued. The company is also launching a new community portal to establish a collaborative environment for its customers, stakeholders, and other interested parties that share the common interests of best practices in pandemic preparedness and response and health and wellness.

Moreover, S2P has focused on which industries will most likely achieve the optimal ROI its solution can provide. Under Haden’s guidance, the company has created unparallel high-quality, professional-grade sales and marketing collateral that effectively tells its story. Lastly, the company has defined an incredible sales enablement model enabled by its robust customer relationship management system.

Nurturing Integrity, Innovation, & Passion at Workplace

Right from the beginning, integrity and innovation were instilled in S2P’s culture and then sustained by recruiting to its team only highly skilled and reputable individuals who pledge to use their significant expertise to fulfill the company’s passion for saving lives and preventing other harm to employees and families caused due to infectious diseases. Hence, innovation, integrity, and passion remain crucial to the continuing success of S2P as it further enhances its solutions and services portfolio.

Global Expansion Plans

Currently, S2P’s market focus spans organizations in U.S., India, and Japan, as it has reseller networks established in these locations. The company is also in partnership discussions with a proven global systems integrator with operations in over fifty countries. Furthermore, S2P is working with existing key partners to grow the visibility of its brand through creative marketing initiatives, develop pandemic preparedness/response educational pathways, and expand its offerings to include a community portal, website storefront, and pandemic safety standard.

Regarding the bigger picture, S2P believes that by the end of this decade, its Infectious Disease Safety Program will be as ubiquitous worldwide as the Fire Safety Programs are now.

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