Rhonda Swan: Living a Dream Life of Making World-Class Brands

After completing her MBA, Rhonda Swan started working for a Fortune 100 company, where she climbed up the corporate ladder quickly to become the head of sales and marketing. She spent nearly a decade working in PR and marketing...


Brendan M Egan: Entrepreneuring His Way through All Parts of Life

The coronavirus pandemic affected all sectors of the economy in 2020, from movie theaters and nail salons to warehouses and meat processing facilities. Many businesses saw their supply chains interrupted, demand for their products and services decline, shortages in...

Erich Ko: Streamlining Easy-to-Use Technologies

Co-founded by a young team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs named Erich Ko, Boyd Reid, and Erwin Komguem, Hop In Technologies provides customized corporate shuttle solutions for the daily commute. By optimizing their software logistics, they help companies retain more talent...

Kate Bradley Chernis: Pioneering Content Creation Through Artificial Intelligence

The modern field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) came into existence in 1956. It then took decades of work to make significant progress toward developing AI as a technological reality. Many people still associate AI with science fiction dystopias. That...

Kenneth Bond: Driving Innovation through Operationally-Driven Technology

Technology is one of the fastest-growing industries today. People from all walks of life utilize it to at least some degree in their daily lives. Technology provides the means to communicate across the office and the world for the...


The Circular Path Towards a Sustainable Future

Janda Campos has more than 20 years of experience working with sustainability from different sectors, which include leading the Danish Government’s CSR efforts, and developing sustainability strategies at the Danish Industry Confederation to building Carlsberg Group’s sustainability and public...

Why Hyper Casual Gaming App Marketers Need Their Own Playbook

April Tayson is Regional VP INSEA at Adjust. Based in Singapore, April is responsible for Adjust’s SEA sales operations, go-to-market strategy and growing the company’s market share and revenue. With over 15 years of experience in digital marketing, April...

How Trainee Programs Can Bring More Talent To The Gaming Industry?

Stewart Neal is the Studio Director for Sumo India, a Sumo Digital Studio, part of Sumo Group. Sumo Group, headquartered in the UK, operates across 15 studios, and award-winning development teams in the UK, Poland, Canada, India and the...


Businesses – Rewriting Cyber Resilience

Anthony leads a team of market development directors driving OpenText strategic direction within information security, data discovery, legal, analytics and AI/ML software markets.   With cybercrime presenting a formidable challenge to modern life and work and the potential to wreak havoc on our businesses, there...

Everyday Blockchain: What Your Morning Coffee and Smart Contracts Have in Common

Alisa DiCaprio is the Head of Trade and Supply Chain at R3 in New York City. In addition to trade governance, she also covers global standards initiatives and CBDC. She joined from Asian Development Bank where she was a...

Frictionless App Experience Is A Top Priority For Shoppers

James Harvey is an experienced, influential IT Director / CTO with international experience and a successful background in B2B, B2C, Private Banking, Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Energy, Oil and Gas, Retail, software, technology, commercial and global corporate sectors. Has been associated with...


How Businesses are Emerging Stronger with IoT: A Blueprint for Post-Pandemic Innovation

Elizabeth is the Principal Product Marketing Manager for IoT at Twilio with over a decade of experience in IoT and emerging technology. In her role, Elizabeth drives the success of Twilio with customers by developing effective marketing strategies and plans to build and communicate global awareness of...

How to Spot Misinformation in the Data Age

Dr. Paul Barth is the Global Head of Data Literacy for Qlik. Dr. Barth joined Qlik as CEO of Podium Data, which was acquired by Qlik in 2018 to create a next generation integrated data and analytics platform. He...

Five Cybersecurity Predictions for 2022

Mike Sentonas is CrowdStrike’s Chief Technology Officer. Previously, he served as Vice President, Technology Strategy at CrowdStrike. With over 20 years’ experience in cybersecurity, Mike is an active public speaker on security issues and provides advice to government and business...


The Changemakers of North American Tech World

Suppose you are a technology enthusiast searching for an inspiring story that would motivate you to work harder. In that case, America is perhaps the best place where you find countless life-changing tales. From Google, Microsoft, Apple to Amazon,...

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