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Technology is one of the fastest-growing industries today. People from all walks of life utilize it to at least some degree in their daily lives. Technology provides the means to communicate across the office and the world for the business community. Tech entrepreneurs can find a sheer endless number of ways to incorporate technology into their businesses. One such entrepreneur who is on a mission to reshape and re-engineer the way enterprises utilize digital strategies to drive efficiencies is Kenneth Bond, Founder, CEO, and President of Fresh Focus Media Inc. and ROOK Connect.

A Marketing Professional Enterprise Software Solutions Architect and a Digital Technology Strategist, Kenneth is focused on bridging the gap between how businesses engage with technology to drive efficiencies. Recognized as one of the top 10 most persevering and dynamic entrepreneurs of 2021, Kenneth has dedicated his career to working alongside businesses of all sizes to better engage and work with them to maximize returns. Kenneth’s ability to bring a fresh perspective to businesses, generate revenue, and increase their ability to deliver to their customers has him being awarded as one of the Top 3 of the Top 100 Canadian Professionals of 2021.

Having been an entrepreneur almost his whole life, Kenneth was trained as a marketing strategist. He did a great deal of business development and process mapping. While searching for a software platform that could match all his needs, he could not find the one, which led him to build his platform, ROOK Connect, which now fills a massive void in the software community. “Managing and building a team has always been my passion. We are striving to build an affordable software platform that could grow with you and can run individual areas of your business or your whole business,” says Kenneth.

Kenneth is proud to be driving innovation for business and acknowledged as an entrepreneur who is reshaping and rethinking how companies utilize and engage with digital strategies to create impact. With a passion for passing on his knowledge and supporting entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level, Kenneth believes in the power of digital media, enterprise solutions, and all they can do to empower businesses. “I am dedicated to growing, evolving, and supporting businesses as they look to digital technologies to expand their reach, processes, and workflow automation,” states Kenneth, who is a disruption leader, bridging the gap between tech solutions and customer demands.

Growing Businesses through Technology

ROOK Connect helps businesses streamline operations, enhancing their ability to operate efficiently and maximize revenues by applying lean business practices and workflows. With the distinct advantage of being a modular-based software, ROOK Connect comes fully stacked with templates, workflows, process tracking, and efficiency tools to drive your business forward. Capitalizing on years of experience with implementations and designing digital workflows and processes, ROOK Connect can help configure and customize itself to match its client’s exact needs.

Bringing businesses together and enhancing their ability to organize, configure, structure, and implement processes that ensure success, ROOK Connect’s proven agile process management and business infrastructure software improve overall performance and communication. “Whether you’re looking to organize and enhance your day-to-day operations or connect and coordinate multiple departments to get everyone working toward the same goals, ROOK Connect never stops working. We provide accessibility and guidance 24/7, ensuring valuable information needed to make the right choices for success is always available,” assures Kenneth.

The software solution is specifically designed to help teams perform, increasing communication, inspiring team and individual accountability in every aspect of a business. ROOK Connect takes the guesswork out of business and brings real-time communication and accountability to a team. “We automate business stools, provide coordinated scheduling and lean operational efficiency to enhance day to day operations and overall communication. We aim to enhance each department’s efficiency with easy-to-use digital tools and applications that create an impact on a business and streamline processes,” adds Kenneth.

Passing through Hurdles with Ease

ROOK Connect supported its customers through multiple transitions and financial diversities. Increasing their outreach, Kenneth could offer additional support to the customer when they needed it. With more customer intake, many people preferred digital processes due to their ability to handle remote working and collaboration. Instead of building software that they thought would be best for their customers, Kenneth decided to implement a strategy where they only did what their customers wanted by developing and getting feedback from their customers every step of the way. “A real challenge was building a team that cared like I do and have my passion. We are now building long-term quality teams that are in line with our core values,” shares Kenneth.

ROOK Connect is designed to be simple. Working 24/7, they are always available to provide up-to-date details on every aspect of your business. Reporting on and logging every department, team, and individual interaction, they keep the business informed with accurate, detailed information at all times. With a diverse product that can be configured and tailored to match businesses of all sizes and industries. With adjustable tools, plug-and-play modules, templated applications, and industry-specific configurations, there is no limit to what ROOK Connect can offer to any business looking to streamline efficiency. “We just launched our Courier, Freight, and Logistics vertical for our real-time courier API along with our new Business Intelligence Application. Our goal is to make the software learn from the way it has been used and help businesses get the most out of the software,” opines Kenneth.

Currently working on peer-to-peer fundraising and an all-new non-profit platform, ROOK Connect is engaging further with customers and growing worldwide, explicitly targeting London and Australia. “As a tech leader, I believe in working with young entrepreneurs, supporting their growth, and solving customer-specific problems. We have already chalked out our plans to expand and grow exponentially in the coming days to make a difference and impact on our customers,” concludes Kenneth.

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