TelemetryHub: Empowering Modern Development Teams to Achieve Operational Excellence

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, many IT organizations face challenges in effectively managing and optimizing their technology systems and digital presence. One of their primary concerns is the lack of visibility and insights into their systems and applications’...


Assuras: Doing Consulting a Different Way

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Assuras is a global management consulting firm specializing in solving complex and challenging organizational issues. The company helps clients take their businesses to new heights and give them a competitive edge over their rivals through...

Cybadot Technologies: Building Innovative Solutions with Cutting-Edge Technologies

The pandemic has accelerated the use of technology in healthcare. It has become easier and faster for people to have medical attention outside the hospital walls, enhancing convenience and accessibility. Employing a wealth of digital information and innovative solutions,...


Running with a Reentry Leader

Jay Whitehead is an entrepreneur with a running problem. After 18 start-ups and 6 successful exits, the Chairman and CTO at is only 90% of the way to his goal of finishing 100 marathons.  “Unfortunately, the last 10%...


6 Technology Shifts that will Enable Businesses in the Next 5 Years

Charbel Zreiby is a renowned industry & channel executive leader in the Information Technology sector. His passion for technology has fuelled his journey of 22 years working closely with customers & partners and during which he’s managed to build...


Cybersecurity in the Age of Digital Transformation

Ahmed Sharaky is a seasoned technology industry professional with over 26 years of experience in the EMEA region. As the General Manager of one of the leading system integrators in the Middle East, Ahmed is responsible for formulating overall...

The World of Data: Data Driven & Data Literacy

Jordan Morrow is known as the “Godfather of Data Literacy”, having helped pioneer the field by building one of the world’s first data literacy programs and driving thought leadership. Jordan is Vice President and Head of Data And Analytics...

“Like a Driver’s License for Cyber Security” – Making Cybersecurity Awareness Training Part of Everyone’s Day Job

During his time at Mimecast, Duane Nicol has experienced some of the largest and most exciting shifts and trends in the cyber security landscape and has become a passionate advocate for cybersecurity Awareness Training. Duane, now the Product Manager...

Digital First to Human First

Rebecca Murtagh is a Futurist, best-selling author, motivational leadership and innovation speaker, and CEO of the Human AI Institute following 20 years as Founder and CEO of an award-winning digital consultancy in New York, USA. Rebecca leverages 100,000+ hours...

A Tale of Data Centre

Nabeel Mahmood is a Technologist, Futurist, Influencer, and a Keynote Speaker. Nabeel has 25-plus years of experience leading large-scale global technology organizations through seasons of explosive growth via M&A, global expansion, implementing new business models, and technology innovation. His...


What If Tech Fails?

Technology is becoming increasingly complex every passing day. We have almost reached a stage where it is hard to do our day-to-day job without a computer and internet connection. A failure of technology – website glitches to servers going...

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