Damilola Eniolorunda Ogunniyi, Founder and CEO of Cybadot Technologies

The pandemic has accelerated the use of technology in healthcare. It has become easier and faster for people to have medical attention outside the hospital walls, enhancing convenience and accessibility. Employing a wealth of digital information and innovative solutions, companies like Cybadot Technologies create healthcare products and services that benefit patients and providers alike. “The healthcare sector has seen advancements and recent technological developments like artificial intelligence, 3D printing, Cloud computing, Blockchain, and IoT, which are now used for bioprinting, diagnosing diseases, customizing prosthetic limbs, and offering customized treatment. These technological developments help to understand clinical data, enabling knowledgeable decisions about patient diagnosis and treatment, disease prevention, and other issues,” explains Damilola Eniolorunda Ogunniyi, Founder and CEO of Cybadot Technologies.

Founded in Lagos in 2020, Cybadot Technologies is an artificial intelligence company that has swiftly established itself as the worldwide leader in developing problem-solving solutions. Mr. Ogunniyi says, “Our mission is to build an innovative solution with excellence and cutting-edge technology that provides the highest-quality and most reliable services across all sectors. We currently focus on addressing global healthcare issues and will shift to other industries, such as education, agriculture, e-commerce, telecommunication, energy production, robotics, and waste management.”

Cybadot Technologies is now headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, and assembles passionate talent from all over the globe. The company is ready to give its users the best customer experience and bring new ideas that spark spontaneity, innovation, and inspiration. Cybadot’s talent is the heart and soul of the company, and they are customer-obsessed. Not a catchphrase. It’s their way of doing business. “It’s a culture where the customer comes first. It helps us to cultivate retention and loyalty among our customers. We are not only looking for great ways to capture the attention of new customers but actively working to strengthen relationships with our existing community through meaningful interactions and the best service offerings,” Mr. Ogunniyi adds.

Developing AI Solutions for Healthcare

To tackle severe problems and provide a complete diagnosis for chronic conditions, Cybadot has developed a solution called Cybalife that can perform massive computations and manipulate omics and electronic health record data. Mr. Ogunniyi explains, “The multi-omics analysis allows the identification of associated factors from different biological processes such as gene expression, protein synthesis, post-translational modifications, cellular metabolic processes, glycosylation, etc., by maximizing the available information to increase the possibility of identifying the root causes of disease.”

With the addition of an electronic health record (EHR), which is a real-time, patient-centered record that contains details of the medical history, medications, allergies, radiology images, treatment plans, and laboratory results of patients, Cybalife allows effective diagnoses of patients, reduces medical errors, and provides safer care. The process is crowded with technology that enables machines to solve many complex decision-making tasks.

Mr. Ogunniyi says, “Cybalife is a three-variation solution. One of them is that of the smartphone as a mobile application.” Cybalife leverages mobile sensors to provide a point of care (POC), which will quickly allow the straightforward generation of diagnostic results so that appropriate treatment can be implemented, leading to an improved clinical or economic outcome. Cybalife has also found its roots in the epidemiological modeling approach, such as SIR, SEIR, and SEAICRloop. Epidemiological modeling uses mathematical, statistical, and computational tools to study the spread of infectious pathogens in host populations. It uses data and hypotheses describing the demographic processes, environmental characteristics, transmission opportunities, and health consequences of diseases. “It has been used to characterize risks. For instance, forecasting COVID-19 and its impact on healthcare supports and justifies the adoption of measures, guides the optimal deployment of vaccines, and informs many aspects of our lives with the virus,” adds Mr. Ogunniyi.

Cybalife has provided Cybadot with a pre-activated grant offer from the Benfraklin Foundation Philadelphia, worth USD 1M in the United States. “We are exploring the possibility of doing business in the United Kingdom and are currently in talks with Backley for investment,” shares Mr. Ogunniyi.

Making Delightful Customers

Within two years of operations, Cybadot has successfully transitioned from offering services like SEO, training services, creative visuals, web and hardware maintenance, and mobile and web application development to addressing the global process using artificial intelligence. Mr. Ogunniyi says, “People and machines produce far more data than people can comprehend, interpret, and use to make sophisticated decisions. With the use of artificial intelligence at Cybadot, there will be less room for error, improving precision and accuracy. Cybalife, one of our solutions, is a prime illustration.”

Cybadot tracks the delights of its clients in an innovative research and development approach by involving stakeholders from various organizations in our real-world requirement discovery through research and surveys. The company helps the organizational stakeholders understand the functional, operational, technical, and transitional real-world requirements with clearly worded, sufficiently detailed, and business-needed requirements. Mr. Ogunniy shares, “We used the key performance indicators (KPI) as metrics for success in fulfilling the requirement. It will be customized to the industry and department, measuring performance against applicable benchmarks and standards.”

Stimulate innovation within the organization

Cybadot provides a space where innovation can flourish. It is not constrained by physical space but rather an internal innovation hub with the capacity to move quickly and try out novel ideas while staying within the mother company’s safety net, much like a startup. The need for innovation space for their employees helps their creativity and goes beyond physical space. Some of the components of the innovation space are scale, learning, time, management, finance, strategy, and space to fail.

Mr. Ogunniy explains, “Our intellectual talent is one of the critical ingredients of our innovation with mental freedom. The internal locus of control drives us to actively fulfill the purpose we have set for ourselves as a team. Intellectual talent within the group will open up a channel for competition and demonstrate proof of concept for the new innovative idea because they have gotten the mental freedom to dream more and dream big.”

Aiming the Global Market

Cybadot plans to explore the academic sector by starting with a virtual laboratory because they see that using learning technology applications has become a fundamental component in light of the digital transformation in the teaching and learning process. Mr. Ogunniy says, “These applications help instructors present interactive learning content and effectively achieve learning objectives. Thus, several educational institutions are adopting varied applications such as distance learning, virtual, and mobile learning apps.” The expansion of distance and blended learning in schools and universities led to the emergence of many specialized learning platforms in several domains. “For example, online virtual laboratories are a vital ICT tool for teaching practical skills related to real laboratory experiments. Developing specialized online digital platforms would facilitate instructors’ use and integrate modernistic ICT tools into teaching, especially in emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic,” he adds.

Cybadot also plans to explore the provision of APIs for business operations by creating new business opportunities and improving existing products, systems, and operations in a business ecosystem. Without leaving the sport out of the equation for many professional athletes, the glory of winning and the agony of defeat aren’t limited to the field. The initial thrill of a multimillion-dollar salary can quickly become financial ruin if athletes are unprepared and inexperienced in managing their money. “It doesn’t take many bad financial decisions to lose a fortune,” said Jay Liberman, an RBC Wealth Management financial advisor. According to a 2013 Sports Interaction study, the average career length in most major sports is less than six years. Injuries could be a major factor. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), more than 1.9 million people were treated in emergency rooms in 2012 for sports-related injuries.

Mr. Ogunniy shares, “We aim to establish ourselves as a key partner in global semiconductor supply chains. We want to work in this direction based on high technology, high quality, and high dependability. We want to connect as many countries as possible with broadband by investing in developing capacities in next-generational networks, IoT, and clean energy technologies. We are working to unleash the next wave of innovation in data.” Cybadot wants to fill the gap as the world’s fastest-growing startup and the leader of the global semiconductor market in 2030.

The growing global population necessitates more dependable, high-quality agricultural products because they provide healthy, safe, and nutritious food. The industry faces significant problems, ranging from rising supply costs to workforce scarcity and shifting consumer requirements for transparency and sustainability. However, agriculture technology has witnessed a massive investment increase over the last ten years, with USD 6.7 billion invested over the previous five years and USD 1.9 billion in the last year alone. “We can achieve more and better with fewer thanks to innovation. We intend to advance all farm levels with an innovative process that improves production processes with new and enhanced items such as healthier foods or new chemical or pharmaceutical products,” Mr. Ogunniy adds. Cybadot will focus on innovative agriculture and investigate the links between innovation, productivity, and environmental sustainability.

Marketing strategies for tech startups

Cybadot begins with a particular niche to establish its dominance. It enables them to identify a target market, and an unmet or underserved need, research their target market’s demographics, develop a business plan, and market Cybadot and its product within that market. Mr. Ogunniy shares, “Cybadot customers are what drive our business. In everything we do, we keep our customers in mind. They are at the forefront of our business, which will drive sales and keep us ahead of our competitors. It will help us stand out by encouraging a higher conversion rate, impacting the overall profit.”

People at Cybadot are wholly committed to providing ideal customers with the best value while considering their experience. With a focus on customer lifetime value, the company offers customers several benefits that include First-business deal offer bonuses, weekly deals, deal of the hour, flash sale offers, holiday discounts, free shipping discounts, product pre-launch offers, newsletter signup offers, product-specific discount, product bundling code, minimum purchase discount, “buy one, get one free” deal, customer referral promo code, abandoned shopping cart offer, Loyalty-based discount codes, codes for purchasing in store, Coupons for shopping in a mobile app, Honesty in products and services. All these have enabled them to stand out from the crowd.

Cybadot recognizes the value of building off others’ ideas until the result is much greater than the sum of its parts. “Innovation doesn’t occur in a vacuum. It comes from somewhere. Regardless of how unique or unprecedented a work seems, we dig a little deeper for innovative discovery. However, it might require us to master what others have already done. In turn, we have been able to stand on their shoulders,” Mr. Ogunniyi concludes.

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