NEXUS / CHILI: Making Healthcare More Digitally Connected

The medical software industry market has been expanding exponentially. Even with the onset of the unforgiving pandemic, while most industries took a hit, the medical software market did not experience any negative repercussions. As it happens, healthcare institutions increasingly...


ONEJOON GmbH: A Global Leader with 125 Years of Experience in Kilns and Furnaces Technology

Germany-based ONEJOON GmbH is a leading manufacturer of turnkey high-temperature industrial kilns and furnaces. The company is backed by 125 years of experience in manufacturing customized high-temperature industrial furnaces, which are used for the heat treatment of a wide...

SAL Systems: Redesigning Your Approach to Sustainable Hygiene

Consumers across the globe have already begun to change their behaviour and approach to increasing hygiene concerns. The pandemic was one massive catalyst that propelled every individual’s and business’s perspective toward cleanliness and hygiene. While the Covid19 crisis forced...


How is Artificial Intelligence Transforming Humanity in Every Dimension

Mark Minevich is a highly regarded and trusted Digital Cognitive AI Strategist, Artificial Intelligence expert, Global Social Innovation and Technology Executive, UN Advisor, Leading Author and Columnist, Private Investor/Venture Capitalist, and the principal founder and President of Going Global...


Risk Assessment is a Vertical, and a Consumer Product

Jeff was a member of the initial executive team of the inventors of the online social network: and was one of the first to extract innovative insights from social network data; innovation beyond simple demographics and advertising and...

Role of AI in Digital Marketing

Anand Subramanian is an IT Services industry veteran with over 29 years of experience  having worked with  large  IT service companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro Technologies, and Tata Interactive Systems. Prior to joining Theorem, Anand managed India Delivery...


Changing the Shape of Tech in Business

Founder and CEO of Italian startup Digital Business Innovation Srl, Antonio is regarded as one of the top digital transformation influencers and researchers on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, blockchain, and sustainability. He is an enterprise and public...

Creating Awareness about Financial Fitness

Brian Vieaux has 30 years of experience in bank lending and mortgage, covering business strategy, business development, sales and marketing, compliance, quality control, and risk management. In building business channels within both large and medium-sized companies, Brian has gained...

Bridging the Gap Between Digital and Physical Security for Enterprise Resilience

Tracy Reinhold, CSO at Everbridge is responsible for advancing Everbridge’s enterprise-level security strategy, as well as working closely with customers and partners to optimize their organizational approach to managing and responding to critical events. Reinhold has served in executive...

Delivering the Facts in Technology Today

Ts. Saiful currently serves as the Head of IT – APAC, for ASCENT Group, a Singapore-based, Global Independent Fund Administrator company. He is responsible for providing advisory, technology, solutions, security, and IT projects delivery for all ASCENT’s offices across...


The Tech Continent

From Berlin and London to Stockholm and Prague, European cities are breeding highly innovative tech companies that attract international investments. While the VC investment globally is down 53 percent,  this year’s funding for European industrial tech is rising. Industrial...



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