A Shiju Rawther: A Chapter in Acumen, Dedication & Leadership

To create anything of value, one must make sure that the foundation is solid and masterfully laid. However, equal importance must be given to the pillars that must be strong enough to hold up the structure. For A Shiju...


Anees K. M.: Scaling New Heights Through Persistent Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique crisis for businesses and business leaders as well. Redistributing disrupted supply chains, enabling a remote workforce, safeguarding essential employees, and breaking bad news to them, as well as maintaining their energy so...

Chirag Boonlia: The Wizard Blurring the Lines Between Real Estate and Tech

The Real Estate industry in India has still got a long way to go when it comes to leveraging technology. Till recently, the industry had embraced technology at a superficial level only. However, Chirag Boonlia, Group CTO, Embassy Group...

Praveen Dewan: A Smart Techie Working Towards a Smarter India

Today Digital Transformation is a buzzword creating ripples in the industry. In fact, it is a ‘do or die’ scenario, with everyone flurrying to ‘do’. This is where Praveen Dewan brings about a carefully formulated plan of action. Currently...

Ravi Mathur: A Programmer with a Code to Solve One of the Biggest Problems in India

Founded in 2018, Insurance Samadhan is a new enterprise with a vision to meet the unmet needs of mistreated Insurance Policy Holders. As the name suggests, the company finds solutions to any insurance-related issue that include lapsed insurance policy,...

Sachin Nigam: Redefining Technology Through Innovation

The COVID – 19 pandemic has caused drastic changes in many industries, especially the Information Technology (IT) industry. The negative impacts during this situation are more compared to positive effects. The significant weaknesses the IT industry is facing now...

Shirish Surti: Revamping the Retail Tech Industry with Continuous Learning and Team Bonding

The COVID19 outbreak has caused widespread concern and economic hardship for consumers, businesses, and communities across the globe. The disruption has caused an acceleration of remote working, and a rapid focus on evaluating and de-risking the end-to-end value chain....

Subrahmanya S M: Working Together for a Luxurious User Experience

Founded by Raghav Belavadi and co-founded by Vijaya Belavadi, Hype Luxury Mobility is a technology company building mobile platform for premium customers that seeks to ride luxury cars, yachts and jets which has made Hype an icon of the...


Top 5 Tips For Indian Financial Advisors

Post-graduate in HR & OD, with close to 25 plus years of experience, shaped by actively formulating HR practices and driving training and development experiences for teams across reputed corporate, Agnelo leverages his immense wealth of experience, knowledge, and...


Myths and Facts of the Digital Marketing Industry

Jay Rathod is an ardent marketeer with the digital medium as his arsenal and a decade long corporate business management and entrepreneurship experience. Spearheading the operations of his passion project turned entrepreneurial venture – Koffeetech Communication, Jay doubles as...

Changing Skillsets and The Evolution of Learning & Development

Neeti has been heading the learning services at TeamLease, which includes Public–Private Partnerships with various State & Central Government in the areas of Employability across the country as well as managing a network of Learning Centers pan India. In...

The importance of Next-Generation Plumbing Solutions in India

A seasoned professional with a career spanning over two decades in the building materials industry, Anup Kumar Tripathi is the General Manager, Sloan India Private Limited. Anup joined Sloan India in 2016 and leads India’s business operations to strengthen...

Expert's Opinion

Social Media Listening: Why brands should use it before, during and after a crisis

Ranjit has a PhD in Computer Science with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Southern California. Post his doctorate, he worked as Senior Research Scientist with Honeywell Labs in Minneapolis, where he continued his work in...

DDoS Protection – Like Airbags in Your Car

With a highly successful and rewarding career of 25 years 9 months in the IT industry, Nikhil has special experience of creating the complete business infrastructure required to promote technology, that is creating customer mindset, Si partner/channel mindset, creating...

Remedying Employee Burnout in the Advertising Industry

Anurag Chaudhary, who initially started his career to become a CA, ended up being an entrepreneur of his firm ‘The Integrity Webs’ that provides Digital Solutions for Businesses. Back in 2015, when Digital India was initiated, there was a...


10 Most-Inspiring CTOs in India

It is not an option anymore; either business go digital or perish. When even roadside vendors chose QR codes instead of cash payments, you can be sure that technology has permeated to the lowest of the strata. In this...


How Tech Ninjas Saved the Indian Market from Upending Itself

This year was as unpredictable as it can get. From a deadly pandemic and murder hornets to witnessing the death of several celebrities and respected individuals, 2020 was definitely a mood of its own. While the world was grappling...

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