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It is not an option anymore; either business go digital or perish. When even roadside vendors chose QR codes instead of cash payments, you can be sure that technology has permeated to the lowest of the strata. In this scenario, it is only prudent that business organizations invest in scaling up their digital transformation plans.

As companies accelerated digital transformation efforts and rushed to embrace new technologies like Cloud, automation, mobile payments, everything-as-a-service, AI and 5G, the security risk also rose as attackers increased their efforts to exploit any system weaknesses. IT departments all over the world soon got to work, adjusting their budgets and strategies.

With uncertainty weighing down, the role of a CTO, Chief Technology Officer, is pretty à la mode, as they are at the forefront, battling cybersecurity threats, lying down better silo ground rules for all core operations and basically connecting all departments through the invisible thread of technology. The role of a CTO is not fixed in stone, and hence they are ever changing. They are constantly learning, unlearning and revamping their existing plans.

We understood the importance of naming these technological prodigies and hence came up with the issue, ’10 Most-Inspiring CTOs in India’. The names mentioned in this issue have set milestones and made it impossible for us to not notice them. We hope that the technological acumen, leadership skills and visionary power of these tech brainiacs hold out to be beacons of change for their peers and successors in 2021.

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