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Within a span of a few months, the pandemic has put a spotlight on the performance gap between those organizations that invested in technology innovation at scale before the pandemic and those that did not. The challenge now is how to accelerate this kind of digital change during a crisis, even as many are slipping behind. To persevere and prevail, companies of all sizes across industries will need to employ a new strategy and mindset. Companies that understand the unique nature of this crisis and apply these new rules of transformation have the opportunity to emerge even stronger and become trendsetters for tomorrow. As we transition out of lockdown and into an uncertain future, digital leadership will be more important than ever, as companies across the country continue to build on the digital lessons we’ve learnt and invest in digital infrastructure. At the helm of these digital transformations are the Digital and Tech Leaders.

These leaders are building a digital core and scaling it across their business quickly, thanks to their strong foundation in the Cloud. As easy as it sounds, moving everything to the Cloud, is anything but easy. These experts must possess strong foundations in analytics capabilities, data governance, and KPI frameworks to understand and grow their company’s businesses. The time and effort that these digital and tech experts put into action to enable their companies to soar are exceptional and praiseworthy. In short, what they present is nothing short of tech brilliance coupled with leadership magnetism; excelling in corporate rocket science.

This is why we at Digital First Magazine decided it was prime to showcase ‘10 Most Inspiring Digital & Tech Leaders in India’. Our editorial support team and panel of experts laboriously sifted through the many names in the industry and finally shortlisted the ten names listed in this issue. This small elite of digital champions has set themselves apart in several areas, including analytics maturity, Cloud, management alignment, cybersecurity, and customer-centricity. We hope their practicality and profundity will help answer questions regarding leadership, competence and prognostication.

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