Building Confidence, Courage and Connections

Born in the coastal town of Pesaro, Italy, Eleonora Bonacossa and her family have called Frankfurt, Germany home since 1990.  An effective, versatile, and internationally active Management Consultant and Leadership Coach, Eleonora is the founder of ARETA, New Perspectives...


Blissvana: Coaching the Universal Language of Change and Learning

At some point in life, we will need someone to guide and inspire us to create an actionable plan to achieve our life goals. Personal life coaches can be a great help in such situations. In fact, the demand...

Transforming Clients To Feel More Confident & Better About Themselves

A personal fitness coach has become a requisite in today’s fast-paced world. This is so because people’s lives have become sedentary. If people are at home, they tend to sit around, or if at work (working from home or...

Combining Vision and Action to Change the World

Grace C. De Castro, a mom of two beautiful boys, is Mama G to many. She is passionate about her boys and a couple of other things: business and BTS – yes, the K-pop sensation. It is a statement...

An Agent for a Positive Change

2016 was a tragic year for Jeremy Stegall. He lost his mother to cancer and was removed from being divorced. Jeremy soon began noticing repeating patterns in his relationship that reflected similar issues as when he was married. He...

Unfolding Potential and Peace from Within

With more experts extending their expertise to help people make significant and lasting life changes, the coaching industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. A billion-dollar market that encompasses an extensive range of occupations, coaching will...

Helping Individuals Become Centered, Connected, & Conscious Leaders of their Lives and of the World

The coaching industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade. In fact, it is currently the second-fastest-growing industry on the planet, only second to the IT industry. From career to relationship to health and well-being, life...

Guiding Women to Successfully Establish & Lead Their Own Successful Careers

From experiencing a difficult childhood to leaving an abusive marriage to becoming a lawyer, Pamela Kurt’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. She is a seasoned lawyer with over 13 years of experience and the Owner of Kurt Law...

Empowering Micro Business Owners to Achieve their Business Goals & SoAR High

Dr. Priscilla Kucer (aka Dr. P) is an award-winning business coach and the Founder & CEO of Austin-based global management consulting company Priscilla Kucer Consulting Solutions LLC. Dr. Priscilla is an Adjunct Faculty at Nova Southeastern University’s School Psychology...

Creating Career Solutions for the Young by the Young

An exemplary personality with a unique view of life and a drive to succeed despite all circumstances is Ryan Nicholas Leong Wei Ren. Being diagnosed with cancer can be difficult pill to swallow, and to be diagnosed with such...

Helping Clients Transform their Lives with Purpose, Vision, & Gratitude

Susan Carabello is a highly sought-after mindset, manifestation, empowerment coach, and motivational speaker. Her most significant gift lies in her ability to communicate with clients to change their perspectives towards life, set inspirational and achievable goals, become mindful of...


Applications of the Metaverse Across Many Industries

Nicolas Babin is an agile Senior Executive with over 35 years of international, multilingual, and multicultural experience. He is a Key Opinion Leader and Influencer for many international brands as well as Start-ups and Scale-ups. He has had management experience...


Do you have Dirty Data?

With a decade of experience fixing your dirty data, Susan Walsh is the founder and MD of the Classification Guru Ltd, a specialist data classification, taxonomy customisation and data cleansing consultancy. She is an industry thought leader, TEDx speaker...

Gone with a Click: Preventing Our Most Prized Possessions from Ending Up on The Dark Web

Christine Gadsby is Vice President of Product Security at BlackBerry. Christine is an accomplished Application Security Executive and highly regarded industry expert known for strategically orchestrating security operations and programs, SDLC capabilities, automation, security tooling, risk mitigation strategies, and...

How ChatGPT is Changing Content Marketing

Yakup Özkardes-Cheung is Founder and CEO of Content AI Tools and author of the book:  Content AI: Save time, money and 10X your marketing impact with AI. Yakup worked for different media companies before he became a content manager...


Making Sense of Generative AI: Current State, Its Promises & Pitfalls

Dr. Djamila Amimer is the founder of Mind Senses Global, an AI management consultancy, which helps businesses and organisations apply AI and unlock its full potential. Djamila is an experienced business leader and an entrepreneur with a broad range...

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