Lidia Kuleshnyk, Founder, Apona Healing

The coaching industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade. In fact, it is currently the second-fastest-growing industry on the planet, only second to the IT industry. From career to relationship to health and well-being, life coaches bring their experience and expertise to help clients achieve their goals and reach their true potential.

Based in Ontario, Canada, Lidia Kuleshnyk (aka Lady Apona) is one such multi-talented high-performance wellness coach and founder of Apona Healing who helps overworked, stressed-out, high-achieving men and women master their inner power, manage their energy and stress, and create their highest state of health. As a 21st-century Renaissance woman, Lidia is also a healer, thought leader, horse advocate, and a 3X best-selling author.

Personal Transformation Journey

Lidia was born with chronic health conditions. At age 10, she read the Power of Positive Thinking, the Lord of the Rings, and the Little House on the Prairie books and found connections, insights, guidance, and inspiration to go forward step-by-step in life. Refusing to live a life of chronic pain, struggle, dependency, and decline, she took her life into her own hands and sought ways to heal her incurable health conditions. From thereon, her journey to reclaim sovereignty began. She achieved academic success with three university degrees, financial success by running her own small business, and personal success by healing her chronic illnesses.

There was one driving factor that stayed with Lidia—horses. For more than 30 years, horses acted as spiritual, powerful guides to her who came into her dreams, leading her to make decisions for her highest and best life and her mission to help humanity evolve. “I brought together the three modalities that changed my life – holistic coaching, reiki energy healing and macrobiotic healing foods – with my academic and holistic training into my Apona Healing Method,” explains Lidia. “It was through helping clients resolve their chronic health conditions that I worked with CEOs, corporate leaders and high-achieving men and women in helping them manage their energy and stress, create their highest state of health, and master their inner power.” As a result, offering high-performance wellness coaching was a natural extension of her 25 years of experience and expertise in healing and personal growth.

About Apona Healing

Established in 1997, Apona Healing (derived from Epona, the horse goddess) is an innovative global leader in coaching, healing and personal development. The organization recognizes the rapid evolution of the planet. It has created programs and services to help clients navigate the overwhelm and challenges of uncertainty so that stress becomes a success and challenges become new opportunities.

Moreover, Apona Healing’s coaching programs are founded on the three pillars of lasting success: becoming Centered, Connected and Conscious™. Today, through its High-Performance Wellness Coaching, the organization continues to help conscious leaders cultivate an inner feeling of security, an inner knowing, beyond confidence, that they can turn any crisis or situation into success and activation human potential to turn lead into gold.

Stepwise Approach to Customizing Training Programs

For creating a Centered, Connected, Conscious™ life, Apona Healing offers four key pathways for self-empowerment: High-Performance Wellness Coaching, Apona Healing Method, Apona Healing Ranch, and Apona Healing Retreats. All these pathways offer customized coaching programs for the client’s unique needs, goals, and desires.

To begin with, an introductory free coaching call is arranged to determine which pathway is best suited for each client. Then, once the pathway is determined, an application or questionnaire is completed to help refine the specific needs and goals of the client. A second complementary call to personalize the coaching programs is arranged so that each person is honoured for who they are, where they are now, and what they want to achieve.

After enrolling with Apona Healing, clients are empowered to reclaim their health, regain their energy, and refine their power. This healing process, personal transformation and growth leads to mastering their inner strength, managing their energy and stress, and creating their highest state of health. Then an inner state of lasting self-empowerment and personal power is created, with the flow and inner ease, feeling more grounded, energized, and focused and living a Centered, Connected and Conscious™ life.

Nurturing a Safe & Supportive Environment for Clients

Apona Healing creates a safe and supportive environment by deeply listening to and supporting clients without judgment or prescription. While all the coaching programs offer a guided, step-by-step process to achieving one’s goals and desires, Apona Healing recognizes each person’s unique path and gifts. In addition, advanced coaching recognizes that clients have the answers to their own questions and create their own path, utilizing the coaching services as a guide, framework, and foundation.

“As I always share with clients, “I don’t know your soul path. I am here to support you with HELP Health, Energy and Lasting Power,” states Lidia. “Self-empowerment of each client is my goal, and the programs and services of Apona Healing always honour the personal sovereignty, unique essence, and life path of every client.” Furthermore, for the past 25 years, Lidia has used her LOVE Method (Listen, Observe, Validate, Empower™) with her clients. Therefore, judgment is not a part of this. “If my LOVE Method is considered a foundational pillar of leadership in life and business, then one’s life and business will grow and flourish,” adds Lidia.

Tackling Challenges that Come with the Territory

One of the biggest challenges Lidia considers is being recognized as an expert and leader in multiple disciplines. This is so because humans have been taught to place people and things into categories and assume that if an individual is an expert in one specialty, he/she cannot be an expert in other disciplines. It has been challenging for Lidia to break through this collective mindset. Nevertheless, she has overcome these challenges by being true to herself and her clients through honest and open communication.

Client Testimonials

As a seasoned wellness and healing coach, Lidia’s genuine care for clients’ well-being and passion for witnessing their progress and success makes her an exceptional coach. Following are some of the testimonials shared by Lidia’s clients.

Doug Marks, CEO at A.D. Marks and Associates Inc., said, “Out of chronic addictions, fear, anxiety into a new life of fulfillment, stability and peace, Lidia has been a primary instrument in my healing, and I consider her to be my master counsellor and coach. I continue to be amazed at Lidia’s incredible insight. Lidia is so very astute. Two years later, I am light years away from where I was. I continue to realize the depth of Lidia’s awareness of my experiences.”

“Lidia is nothing short of a master in the truest sense of the word,” shared Darcy Polito. “As a trained counsellor, Lidia has a wonderful way of helping to shift one’s perception of a situation while offering healing treatments.” Likewise, from cancer diagnosis to lasting empowerment, Lenir S’s story is about being declared cancer-free by medical tests and exam results within two months from the beginning of the implementation of the macrobiotic and reiki protocols under Lidia’s guidance and support.

Early Life Lessons that Helped Shape into a Leader

The greatest lesson Lidia learned from her childhood was to trust her instincts, put boundaries down, say “enough is enough,” and choose to move her life forward in the new direction she wanted. “I realized that I was the one who would suffer in physical pain and miss out on the daily joy of living if I followed others’ advice that was not supportive for me,” mentions Lidia. “Therefore, I connected with my inner value and self-respect, honoured myself and decided to find a way to create a life of health, happiness, and peace.”

During her college days, Lidia learned to be true to herself. Instead of taking courses, everyone pushed her to take, she chose courses that felt right to her and were fulfilling. Connecting with her true essence and beliefs allowed her to enjoy the university experience and create a future with limitless opportunities. Fear and overthinking do not hold her back now because she knows that solutions are always available. “As my mentor and coach, the great macrobiotic forefather Michio Kushi often stated that for every problem, there is a solution. Sometimes you must have Sherlock Holmes’s mind to find the best solution for you,” reveals Lidia. Altogether, these early life experiences have greatly helped shape the leader she is today.

Going Global

Concerning Apona Healing’s global expansion strategy, Lidia plans to enhance the organization’s four pathways of coaching services through a foundation of health, well-being, and high performance. More specifically, she is aiming to expand teaching her Capacity Principle™ of Conscious Leadership and Success to individuals, corporate leaders, and organizations so that leaders avoid burnout, exhaustion, and depletion, can effectively manage their energy and stress and create high-performance wellness as the new foundational model of lasting growth and abundance.

Exciting Things to Watch Out for in the Future

Moving forward, Apona Healing will continue to grow and build on its existing services to help humanity evolve and reclaim its sovereignty. Lidia considers her journey as the High-Performance Wellness Coach and Founder of Apona Healing to have just begun. She plans to share and extend the wealth of her personal and professional experiences, knowledge, and wisdom with her clients.

Moreover, she regards this as an exciting time to be on the planet as people collectively move from an old paradigm of control and obedience to a new paradigm of freedom, responsibility, and empowerment. She further explains, “I am passionate about offering coaching programs for individuals and organizations to learn how to navigate this paradigm shift with clarity, less stress and overwhelm, and avoid the “crash and burn” of exhaustion and burnout.” Therefore, Lidia’s ultimate mission is to guide and support clients on how to live in a flow state without attachment to the drama, drain and distraction of external stressors, and stay Centered, Connected and Conscious™ so that they can become conscious leaders of their lives and of the world.

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