Vivera Pharmaceuticals: Revolutionizing the Prescription Dispensing Industry

Prescription drug abuse continues to play a significant role in the burden of disease in the United States and severely impacts the economy. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), over 16.7 million people aged...


Growth Stack Inc: Providing Opportunities for Techpreneurs Across the Globe

Medium-sized businesses and enterprises seldom have the means to automate and acquire investments for tools to accelerate growth. Growth Stack Inc is one such opportunity provider that helps businesses grow to compete with the players in their field. The...

OnCentive: Maximizing Client Profitability through Business Incentives & Tax Credits

Over 3,000 state & federal incentive programs are offered by the US government to reward business owners for basic business functions like retaining employees, job creation, innovating internal processes, and more. Too often, the large organizations get benefitted the...

Third Marble Marketing: Making Google Ads and SEO Super Easy and Affordable

Chris Fawcett, Founder and President of Third Marble Marketing, advocates for small businesses. He believes that small businesses can indeed make a country stronger. At Third Marble, Chirs and team engineer affordable Google solutions to grow their client’s businesses....


Driving Transformational Change Across Organizations

Kristie Grinnell is senior vice president and chief information officer (CIO) for DXC Technology. She is responsible for leading business transformation including defining IT strategy for new digital capabilities, streamlining current operations, and improving overall efficiencies and performance of...


Automation Software to End Repetitive Tasks & Make Digital Transformation a Reality

Mohamed Hamed is the Chief Technology Officer at Ceramica Platino. He is a seasoned technology consultant with over 24 years of experience in IT and security. He has held several executive management positions and lead numerous teams throughout his...

Society 5.0: Technology at the Service of Sustainability and Quality of Life

Miguel Teixeira is the CEO for the multinational consulting firm NTT DATA, for the Americas, which includes Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, and the United States. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering from Higher Technical Institute...

Enhancing Transformation by Bridging the R&D and IT Divide

With over 25 years of experience spanning product commercialization, executive level IT and R&D leadership, and independent consulting, David brings an experienced perspective to many transformation initiatives. A consultant, writer and speaker, David is constantly immersed in programs that...

Employees of the Future – Where is the Employee Market Headed

Charlotte de Brabandt is a world-renowned Technology and Negotiation Keynote Speaker & Host with ample global industry experience in the field of automotive, timepieces, technology, pharma, consumer goods and medical devices. She is a published author, TEDX speaker, ISM...


A Tale of Data Centre

Nabeel Mahmood is a Technologist, Futurist, Influencer, and a Keynote Speaker. Nabeel has 25-plus years of experience leading large-scale global technology organizations through seasons of explosive growth via M&A, global expansion, implementing new business models, and technology innovation. His...


Leading Successful Digital Transformation

Eng. Wissam Al Adany is the Group Chief Information Officer of ADES Arabia Holding, one of the PIF investments. He has 27 years of rich and extensive experience in digital transformation within multinational organizations, including over 4 years of...


How to Develop a Culture of Innovation?

Innovation is not having a eureka moment but a continuous process requiring countless brainstorming sessions with contributors from across the organization. Establishing a formal, proven process is vital to creating an innovation culture – from framing a problem definition...

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