Kevin Petersen, CEO, Growth Stack Inc

Medium-sized businesses and enterprises seldom have the means to automate and acquire investments for tools to accelerate growth. Growth Stack Inc is one such opportunity provider that helps businesses grow to compete with the players in their field. The company understands that savvy entrepreneurs worldwide are adept at identifying and building new fintech, adtech, and productivity software. Once these SaaS products have passed the proof-of-concept stage, it’s not uncommon for the product to grow beyond the founders’ core competencies. By infusing capital and adding infrastructure, Growth Stack Inc. can work with the founders and leverage its expertise to quickly accelerate growth. This enables SaaS businesses to realize their full potential while delivering solid returns to investors.

Growth Stack Inc’s early investments were in adtech and martech solutions that help customers grow. Today the organization focuses more on productivity tools and platforms that increase speed to market.  Many productivity tools will make life much easier, and enterprises can’t go without them, so the team at Growth Stack is focused on the ones that will best increase speed to market. Growth Stack has had a multi-channel and multi-year plan that helped accelerate growth. Many tech founders first focus on relatively easy sales, including social media and automated inbound/outbound funnels. So they realized that adding podcasts, webinars, and developer Q&A sessions early helps to create deeper connections between customers and the brand.

Phenomenal Performance

Growth in IT has been phenomenal as companies continue looking for ways to automate and improve efficiencies. Cost reductions are not usually the primary driver when companies invest in their IT infrastructure. So, decision-makers are more often driven by increasing sales and fulfillment speed to their customers. In this regard, Growth Stack Inc. invests in the sales and productivity tools companies need to optimize.

Growth Stack expects customers to realize the apparent return on investment (ROI). “We once had a customer tell us that they had positive ROI just seven days after subscribing to one of our software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms and that their early gains paid for their annual subscription with us,” shares Kevin Petersen, CEO of Growth Stack.  Another venture that Growth Stack acquired in 2014 generated a 100% return in its first year.  Similarly, in 2016 the company grew to USD 100k/MMR in the first 12 months and an eCommerce program that exceeded USD 1.1M in product sales in the first 12 months.  “These are the kinds of wins we strive to deliver.  We aim to make every endeavor a win-win for our customers and us.  We haven’t failed on this motto yet, and for that, we are very proud,” he explains further.

Aiming to be the Best

Growth Stack strategically looks for SaaS investments that will deliver returns in the mid to high 20 percent range, and some high-margin SaaS products can do much better than that. “We have been stair-stepping the marketplace for the past eight years and are actively working on our first eight and nine-figure acquisitions,” says Mr. Petersen. The lower middle market is the right place for Growth Stack as the company focuses on accelerating growth for mid-stage companies that are ready to scale. Today Growth Stack has a private market valuation of approximately USD 6.5 million with about 11 million shares outstanding.  The Team’s acquisitions in the pipeline will take them beyond USD 100 million pre-market valuations in 2023.

Employee satisfaction is highly correlated with customer satisfaction, and Growth Stack knows it. Everyone on the team is motivated by helping customers succeed and operate more efficiently. The “ah ha” moments drive the energy and company culture.  With employees around the globe, Growth Stack Inc maintain the same beliefs, goals, mission, and thesis, making them the incredible company they are.

Employees at Growth Stack understand that It is important to listen to customers about what is working for them and which new features they want to prioritize in future product releases. “We rely heavily on our customer success team to listen to customer feedback during the onboarding process and document how products can be improved. We work to ensure that Growth Stack Inc. gives exposure to the best privately held tech companies.  Growth Stack = 4 years to $5 billion market cap,” explains Mr. Petersen.

Looking Ahead

Growth Stack has been networking with tech founders worldwide since their launch in 2013. Early on, Mr. Petersen purchased a content site from a woman in Japan. Growth Stack Inc also made its first seven-figure acquisition, a Ukrainian business, and plans to continue acquiring companies and talent from around the globe.

“We are looking at investments that have broader impacts like improving supply chain efficiencies or crowd safety products,” Mr. Petersen says. A number of industries are still long overdue for meaningful tech adoption heading into 2023.  As Growth Stack Inc continues to monitor, inquire, research, and view the world as a whole, Mr. Petersen seeks out the best opportunities to broaden the SaaS world and the tech world and find the products with the best impacts for businesses and individuals.

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