Paul Edalat, Chairman, Founder, and CEO, Vivera Pharmaceuticals

Prescription drug abuse continues to play a significant role in the burden of disease in the United States and severely impacts the economy. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), over 16.7 million people aged 12 and older in the United States abused prescription drugs in 2012. Last year, according to the CDC, there were nearly 75,673 overdose deaths that involved prescription opioids.

With the intention to curb these alarming numbers and save lives, innovative companies like Vivera are developing smart devices and promising solutions with the goal of preventing prescription drug abuse from occurring in the first place.

Vivera is a science-driven pharmaceutical, medical device, and medical technology company headquartered in Southern California. With its day-one mission statement of putting patients first, Vivera innovates with the patient journey in mind. From the opioid crisis to mental health and beyond, Vivera strives to fulfill its purpose and promise toward patient-centric research and development that puts the total health of the patient front and center. The Company always finds ways to give back and serves underrepresented and underserved local, national, and global communities.

“Our foremost mission is to enhance the lives of millions of patients through the ceaseless development of life-changing therapies,” shares Paul Edalat, Chairman, Founder, and CEO of Vivera.

The Inception of Vivera

In 2004, Paul witnessed the declining health of his younger brother, Peter, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Like many patients diagnosed with cancer, Peter was prescribed medication by his doctor to help manage his chronic pain and suppress the unwanted side effects of the cancer treatment. Unfortunately, Peter became addicted to this medication. Paul and his family helplessly watched him battle cancer and addiction. Two years after his initial diagnosis, Peter lost his battle with both. During this grief-filled time, Paul identified the need for an effective dose-controlled solution for prescription medications.

A former athlete with over three decades of brand and product development experience in the nutraceutical industry, Paul honored his brother’s legacy by shifting to the healthcare industry to prioritize people over profit. By connecting passion with purpose, Paul established Vivera to improve patients’ lives. “At Vivera, we’re ensuring Peter’s legacy lives on by developing innovative products pertaining to opioid deterrence and cessation and non-addictive solutions for pain management,” reveals Paul.

Key Divisions Fueled by Tech Innovation

Innovation is the lifeblood of Vivera. With five divisions, each focused on a specific healthcare vertical, Vivera’s vertically integrated structure has created an agile and responsive model.

Vivera Technologies is home to ZICOH, a patented, intelligent drug delivery solution for prescription medications, and MDZone, a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine portal that allows patients to access a healthcare professional remotely.

Vivera BioSciences includes TABMELT, a novel, patented, and patent-pending sublingual drug delivery system. Vivera holds an exclusive license for its pharmaceutical use.

Vivera Advanced Diagnostics focuses on health and wellness testing. This division includes LabPort, a Lab Information Management System (LIMS) developed to streamline the testing and results reporting process for laboratories and patients.

Vivera Medical Devices includes prescription dermatology products. Vivera Medical Supplies was created to support healthcare professionals throughout the pandemic. There was a shortage of PPE at the beginning of the pandemic, and the Company responded by offering in-stock disposable face masks 100% Made in the USA.

ZICOH: The Answer for Safe Drug Delivery

Vivera developed ZICOH intending to end prescription misuse and improve patient prescription adherence. It’s programmed to deliver preset dosages to the registered patient according to the provider’s orders. ZICOH continuously logs medication delivery history, so healthcare providers can monitor how well patients adhere to their prescribed medication regimen.

With a launch around the corner, ZICOH is set to disrupt how prescription drugs are prescribed, managed, used, tracked, and traced across the entire value chain.

Ground-Breaking Research & Development Initiatives

Vivera is committed to the continued research and development of innovative therapies across the spectrum. Backed by a team of medical experts and staff, the company develops revolutionary therapeutics and devices with the patient experience in mind. With 35 patents pending, granted, and licensed, Vivera is working to change the future of drug delivery, medical device, and medical technologies at home and across the globe with its extensive intellectual property portfolio.

Extending Support to Local Communities During Pandemic

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, when numerous companies were shut down, Vivera pivoted to provide COVID-19 testing. The Company provided laboratory testing and rapid screening and testing services to first responders, healthcare providers, schools, Tribal communities, and local government. The Company donated thousands of tests and personal protective equipment to underserved communities and partnered with the local government and federally qualified healthcare centers to provide free testing and vaccine clinics over the course of the pandemic.

A Positive & Supportive Work Culture

Vivera has a positive and supportive work environment that helps everyone grow to their fullest potential. The Company offers its employees numerous opportunities to advance in their careers, including mentorship. Paul, who several amazing mentors have guided, believes in passing the torch of knowledge to his young team at Vivera. He is passionate about motivating and guiding his team to give their best, achieve goals, utilize the newest technologies, and collaborate to make a difference in patient lives across the globe.

Roadmap to the Future

In the future, Vivera will continue to fulfill its purpose and promise towards patient-centric research and development that puts the total health of the patient front and center. With a global intellectual property portfolio, the Company also plans to expand its footprint and the distribution of its unique, cutting-edge technologies and pharmaceuticals to the MENA region and beyond.

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