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Staying away from technology seems an impossible task in 2023. With the global internet penetration rate reaching beyond 63%, the world has around 50 billion smart devices collecting, analyzing, and sharing data every second. Supporting these devices in various ways are 1.35 million tech companies operating from every nuke and corner of the world. I got this information sitting in the comfort of my home through a couple of Google searches. Yes, I just did the one among the 99,000 searches Google gets every second which results in close to 9 billion queries each day on average.

With so much information at our fingertips, technology is advancing so fast that even the trends we predict in early 2023 might be obsolete by the end of the year. Nothing is future-proof now. However, by understanding the direction in which the human race is progressing, we can make future-friendly organizations. How do we create them? By learning with the help of technology available – through billions of videos, podcasts, audio, and text over the internet.

To help our readers know more about the technology trends and success stories of companies that have found the solution to be future-friendly, we have developed a special issue featuring 10 Must-Watch Tech Companies in 2023. They have not only built profitable business models in a dynamic market but have shown the world what it takes to be an industry disrupter across technology. On the cover, we feature Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld, a Metaverse Strategist, Advisor, and Speaker passionate about Emerging Tech, Blockchain, and the Metaverse and a firm believer in the Power of Innovation.

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