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Innovation is not having a eureka moment but a continuous process requiring countless brainstorming sessions with contributors from across the organization. Establishing a formal, proven process is vital to creating an innovation culture – from framing a problem definition to making a fast prototype and launching the final product. Innovation is the lifeblood of companies like Vivera Pharmaceuticals, a science-driven pharmaceutical, medical device, and medical technology company headquartered in Southern California. Founded by Paul Edalat, Vivera has five divisions, each focused on a specific healthcare vertical, with a vertically integrated structure that has created an agile and responsive model.

Corporate organizations have always been on the lookout for innovative business models to dominate the market they are in. For instance, OnCentive, located in Birmingham, Alabama, is one of the innovative start-ups helping small and midsize businesses maximize their profitability through business incentives and tax credits. The company pairs its expertise with state-of-the-art credit technology to identify tax credits and incentive opportunities for clients.

Besides an innovative business model, organizations need a competent leadership team that understands the values of innovation. Helping leaders to quickly accelerate growth through productivity tools and platforms is Growth Stack Inc. Led by its founder and CEO, Kevin Petersen, Growth Stack has developed the right mix of experienced operators, free-thinkers, and skilled practitioners that can supercharge companies and take them to the next level.

This special issue featuring the 10 Most Innovative Companies of the Year 2023 is about companies Vivera Pharmaceuticals, OnCentive, and Growth Stack Inc. We have also included an exclusive story on Third Marble specializes in getting businesses on page one of Google with Search Engine Optimization Services and Google Ads Management. We hope our efforts will help entrepreneurs and professionals understand innovation’s deeper meaning and implement it in their journey forward.

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