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Technology is becoming increasingly complex every passing day. We have almost reached a stage where it is hard to do our day-to-day job without a computer and internet connection. A failure of technology – website glitches to servers going down – can impact our day. In fact, managing and optimizing technology systems and digital presence is one of the major challenges organizations face today. A solution that checks multiple boxes and avoids a breakdown is full-stack monitoring that provides organizations with end-to-end visibility into their systems, from the underlying infrastructure, the applications, and even the experience of individual end-users.

Mike Riegel, CEO of TelemetryHub, says, “Organizations can now easily detect and resolve problems with full-stack monitoring before they impact their customers, leading to increased uptime and reliability.” Launched in 2022 by Scout APM, TelemetryHub is an advanced full-stack monitoring and observability platform designed to help companies optimize their digital presence. With its innovative approach, TelemetryHub provides modern development teams with the tools and data they need to make informed decisions about their system’s performance. In this issue of Digital First Magazine, we have written an extensive cover story on TelemetryHub, explaining how it simplifies observability and makes it affordable for those needing reliable transparency in their distributed systems.

Assuras and Cybadot Technologies are other important companies featured in this issue among the 10 Must-Watch Tech Companies in 2023. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Assuras is a global management consulting firm specializing in solving complex and challenging organizational issues. Founded in Lagos in 2020, Cybadot Technologies is an artificial intelligence company that has swiftly established itself as the worldwide leader in developing problem-solving solutions. We have also included an exclusive story of Jay Whitehead, Chairman & Chief Technology Officer of, who, after 18 start-ups and six successful exits, is only 90% of the way to his goal of finishing 100 marathons. This special issue also contains expert insights and opinions from industry leaders worldwide.

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