Dr. Priscilla Kucer, Founder, CEO, and Principal Coach, Priscilla Kucer Consulting Solutions LLC

Dr. Priscilla Kucer (aka Dr. P) is an award-winning business coach and the Founder & CEO of Austin-based global management consulting company Priscilla Kucer Consulting Solutions LLC. Dr. Priscilla is an Adjunct Faculty at Nova Southeastern University’s School Psychology Program, which is her alma mater. She is also an active Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Society member and the Director of the Development Board Member for Jamsz Konnections, a non-profit in Austin.

Dr. Priscilla strongly believes in the power of education, especially for girls internationally. For this reason, when a micro business works with her company, 5% of its payment goes to the Weiss Scholarship Foundation (WSF), which helps educate children in Dago, Kenya, by assisting with covering their school fees. Her ultimate goal is to use her coaching, consulting, and training services to help increase the number of global micro businesses that make it to five years and beyond!

A journey from Humble Beginnings to Phenomenal Success

Dr. Priscilla was born and brought up in Barbados, the Jewel of the Caribbean. During her primary and secondary school years, she struggled in several areas. Thanks to her parents, Louisa and William, and a few teachers, she found strategies that helped her learn better in school.

At 16, Dr. Priscilla applied to the University of the West Indies (UWI) and was accepted. She was among the only two students accepted at such young ages that incoming year. A highly commendable feat indeed! At UWI, she pursued her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with upper second-class honors. Afterward, her dream and goal of becoming a psychologist took her to Nova Southeastern University (NSU) in Florida, USA. Here, she completed her master’s degree in Psychology and her Specialist in School Psychology degree.

Walking down memory lane, Dr. Priscilla shares, “As a student in NSU, I took advantage of opportunities to become involved in student organizations. My on-campus leadership roles helped with my acceptance into the Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) Leadership Society. I learned the importance of cross- and inter-departmental collaborations when working toward shared goals. Interacting with and completing projects with individuals from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds gave me foundational experiences for understanding and accepting diversity.”

In 2011, Dr. Priscilla began her professional career as a school psychologist in Orange County, Florida, US. She further states, “My various leadership roles within my first job reinvigorated my passion for organizations and systems. This resulted in me researching degrees that could provide the training I needed to work with individuals and systems within organizations to reach strategic goals. So, this desire drove me to pursue industrial and organizational (I/O) psychology.”

Since Dr. Priscilla was working full-time, she needed an online doctoral program to give her time flexibility, and Grand Canyon University (GCU) provided her the required platform. She completed her Ph.D. in General Psychology with an Emphasis on Industrial and Organizational Psychology. This was followed by completing a certificate program at Cornell University.

Priscilla Kucer Consulting Solutions LLC: Where Solutions Plus Actions Equal Results

In Jan 2020, Dr. Priscilla established Priscilla Kucer Consulting Solutions LLC, to support micro business owners in strengthening their organizational development and personal skills while understanding their leadership style through education.

“We provide business coaching, management consulting, and training and development to help improve client’s business goals, processes, and operations related to Organizational Development, Personal skills/abilities, Leadership, and Education (OPLE™️),” shares Dr. Priscilla. “When businesses find their OPLE™️, they are on their journey to strategically tackle their futures so that they will survive in their respective economies.”

Stepwise Guide to Customising Training Program for Each Client

Individuals interested in receiving coaching and/or consulting services from Priscilla Kucer Consulting Solutions company must complete an application. It is then reviewed by Dr. Priscilla to determine if the applicant qualifies to receive a strategy call. In that call, the applicant undergoes an assessment to determine their needs and whether they would be a good fit for working with her company. The applicant is also introduced to the Planning Guide outlining the four must-haves for a successful business. If the applicant is a good fit, Dr. Priscilla and her team undergo an onboarding process to transition them from applicant to client. This process allows for the design of their wholly customized program to meet their needs.

Most Successful Training Initiative

Dr. Priscilla’s most successful training initiative has to be the customized SoAR With Coaching™ (SWC) program. As the name suggests, it is a fully customizable, research and data-based program crafted per the business owner’s unique situation and lasts 6, 12, or 24 months.

The successful implementation of the SWC program was evident from the feedback of the clients, who shared how much they appreciated learning how to improve their planning within their business, improving the internal structures and processes, and being able to implement and learn how to monitor their actions that they implemented to be able to know when to make changes in their business.

Tackling Challenges with Experience & Subject Expertise

Dr. Priscilla points out three main challenges she faces as a business coach. The first challenge is individuals not understanding the difference between coaching, consulting, and mentoring. They each have different purposes that yield different outcomes for businesses and organizations. To overcome this challenge, she provides education to them.

The second challenge relates to business owners and organizational leaders who want quick fixes to their problems. They know that their business is struggling and know that they need to hit their strategic targets, but they are hesitant to put in the work over the time necessary to make the change. To overcome this, Dr. Priscilla conducts an analysis with them to help them see what is truly happening, where they want to go, and finally, outlining how they will achieve their goals (i.e., being successful).

The third challenge is funding to develop and implement new programs to help micro-business owners and hire consultants and coaches. “To overcome the issue of funding, I have learned how to be strategic in utilizing the revenue that my company obtains from clients and research the available financial options. Luckily, I have qualified for some, and those have been helping my company’s growth in these early stages,” reveals Dr. Priscilla.

Significant Career Milestones

Throughout her career trajectory, Dr. Priscilla’s most meaningful early milestone is completing her doctorate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, a long-awaited dream of hers. She says, “This is the milestone that really helped propel the actions that led to me creating the concept for my company and registering it with the state.” Launching her business with the Secretary of the State was like a cherry on the cake.

Likewise, Dr. Priscilla considers ignoring the outside noise and identifying her competitive advantage and value proposition important. Receiving her first interview opportunity to discuss her company’s objectives, mission, and vision on a bigger platform at the beginning of 2021 was an extraordinary experience for her. She later participated in several interviews, giving her a different opportunity to share more about her journey and her company’s growth. She was immensely honored to be given a chance to teach graduate students at Nova Southeastern University about the role of visions, mission, goals, and more when working within an organization and outlining operations.

“Gaining my first client is a day I will never forget. It took a while to get my first client, but all the planning was worth it,” reveals Dr. Priscilla. Moreover, Priscilla Kucer Consulting Solutions LLC, earning the Certified-Women’s Business Enterprise status from the Women’s Business Council in the United States, followed by Sam.gov status, and Texas Small Business Administration Women-Owned Business status have been mega milestones for her. For Dr. Priscilla, being recognized as a ‘Woman Leader to Look Up to in 2023’ and her company being awarded as the ‘Promising Start-up of the Year in Consultancy’ are a great way to begin this year and to aim higher and achieve more in the coming days.

A Day in the Life of a Multidimensional Leader

As a coach, entrepreneur, and leader, Dr. Priscilla has an endless list of tasks, challenges, and projects to tackle and focus on daily. She utilizes a time-blocking technique to stay focused and get desired outcomes throughout her workday. She explains, “The highlight of my workday is completing tasks/sessions related to the coaching and consulting packages for our clients.” There is a set time for administrative tasks such as emails and text messages and for essential operational tasks that she must accomplish each day. Moreover, each week, Dr. Priscilla has time reserved to complete financial or legal tasks. She also schedules time for supervising the I/O Psychology interns from one of her company’s partners, Purdue Global University. In addition, she also engages in team meetings for operations, marketing, and sales.

Utilizing project management software combined with the other software and applications that Dr. Priscilla has in her company truly helps her stay calm and deal with pressure well. She admits to experiencing stress at times when she did not write things down, did not create and follow lists and maps, and didn’t conduct periodic evaluations of her progress. However, the pressure seemed to disappear once she got back on track and did these things.

As for unplugging from work, Dr. Priscilla loves spending time with her supportive and loving boyfriend, Roger, who helps her unwind and relax. She also finds peace in taking her little dog for walks, listening to music, and spending time with her family and friends. “Oh yeah, and sometimes I watch a little Netflix,” exclaims Dr. Priscilla with a twinkle in her eyes.

Making a Difference in the Lives of Micro Business Owners & Ultimately the Community

The change Dr. Pricilla wishes to bring is by working on her mission of helping micro business owners and founders to focus on aspects of their business besides marketing to clean up their processes and operations that will help propel their marketing and sales in the direction that they want to see for their revenue. As Dr. Pricilla helps them find their OPLE™, they will strengthen the likelihood of building a sustainable business that will become a pillar in their community and grow their local economy. The growth of local micro companies will likely translate into increased job opportunities and improved support for local schools. When the community supports the improvement of schools, it leads to increased resources, which can lead to improved educational outcomes for students. When educational outcomes increase for all students, children grow up to have access to opportunities to help them pursue their dreams, especially girls.

Advice on Living a Successful Life

Dr. Priscilla suggests individuals looking to lead a successful life not be limited by what others think they should be doing with their lives, nor should they accept things the way they are. They must develop the confidence to challenge the status quo and be courageous enough to pursue their dreams, whether small or large.

“The only person who can truly stop you is you,” says Dr. Priscilla. “There is always an option. Sometimes it might take longer than you were thinking to reach a goal, but things happen in the time that they are supposed to. Ultimately, you define your success, and guess what? That definition can change as you move further along your journey and you gain clarity on what you actually want!”

Exciting Projects to Watch Out for

Dr. Priscilla is developing an exclusive course for aspiring and current business owners that will provide unique content that is yet to be included in a university-based entrepreneurship course. This course will be released in Spring 2023. Another project she leads is a time management course designed to fill an existing gap yet to be tapped upon regarding time management courses for entrepreneurs, business owners, and C-level executives.

Additionally, Dr. Priscilla is actively involved in securing international speaking engagements and participating on a team that will launch game-changing financial support for diverse business owners globally!

For More Info: https://drpksolutions.com/

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