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Human Beings are reactionary creatures. That is why it took a pandemic for most companies to clamber their way up to the Cloud. Digital transformation was never optional. But most companies treated it that way, applying digital technology sporadically. Those that did take it seriously, not only made a name for themselves but also got a leeway to be ahead of their peers and scale their companies higher, thus underlining that the essence of leadership is to foresee and act accordingly.

The pace at which leaders have had to work and respond to business and employee needs has been relentless and the need for agility has never been greater, as companies are crying out for digital workflow apps that help maintain business continuity. But even more than needing these digital solutions, companies need them to be simple, fast and affordable to build while still meeting enterprise standards for security and scalability.

Through this issue, we have tried to name some of those Digital and Tech leaders in the country who have paved the way for others. Their acumen and discretion are nothing short of excellence. Apart from these stalwarts, we have also featured some accomplished and industry specialists, who have shared their thoughts on the current digital landscape. We hope this issue helps you gather insights as to how the pandemic has affected the corporate world, for better or for worse, and the importance of digital transformation.


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