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A couple of years ago, taking work from home for a day means you are almost on leave. If your boss is in his 50s, who just joined as the admin of a WhatsApp group called ‘70’s Kids,’ then convincing him to get work from home option for more than two days would be nearly an impossible task. Today, you and your boss are at home, wearing the most informal dress you have, texting work status on WhatsApp, and attending team meetings on Zoom. That is how fast things change in our lives, and technology helps us function without disruptions. Today, 90 per cent of the American workforce prefer to telecommute!

Work from home and related technologies are trending in 2021 as well. Let us have a quick look at the other areas with continued growth potential in the post-pandemic world. Experts opine that the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be extremely valuable in helping companies adapt to the post-COVID world. In fact, by 2030, AI products will contribute more than $15.7 trillion to the global economy. Another major development would be 5G networks, which will emerge between 2020 and 2030, making possible zero-distance connectivity between people and connected machines. Similarly, we will witness technological innovations that will reduce human-to-human contact, automate processes, and increase productivity amid social distancing.

In this issue, we address technology trends to watch out for in 2021. We have featured insights and opinions of industry experts to better understand which pandemic-driven tech trends are here to stay. On the cover, we feature Vineet Bajpai, Founder & CEO, Magnon Group & Talentrack. Like Job’s garage where the first Apple computer was built, Vineet Bajpai’s business saga started in a small generator room. Today, he is one of the youngest ever CEO of a multinational advertising group in India.

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