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Having a diversified financial sector, India has undergone rapid expansion in terms of strong growth in existing financial services firm and new entities in the market. Comprising commercial banks, co-operatives, pension funds, mutual funds and other smaller financial units, the financial services sector in India accounts for a significant amount of the nation’s GDP. Financial sector reforms in India have improved resource mobilisations and allocation. The liberalisation of interest rates and the easing of cash reserve norms have helped make funds available to various sectors.

One of the largest-earning sectors in the world, there is a new kind of promise in the banking and finance industry—hence, no better time than now for transformation. Economic fundamentals are strong, the regulatory climate is favourable, and transformation technologies are more readily accessible, powerful, and economical than ever before.India is today one of the most vibrant global economies on the back of a robust banking and insurance sector. The relaxation of foreign investment rules has received a positive response from the insurance sector, with many companies announcing plans to increase their stakes in joint ventures with Indian companies. The next few quarters expect to see a series of joint venture deals between global insurance giants and local players.

With that in mind, we at Digital First Magazine present to you “10 Most- Inspiring BSFI Technology Leaders in India”, with an aim to showcase how these stalwarts have successfully carried out their endeavours in helping their  organization, and by extension, the Indian BFSI domain, equip for future technological developments in the Industry.


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