Jay Rathod, Founder, Koffeetech Communications

Jay Rathod is an ardent marketeer with the digital medium as his arsenal and a decade long corporate business management and entrepreneurship experience. Spearheading the operations of his passion project turned entrepreneurial venture – Koffeetech Communication, Jay doubles as a chief strategist, mentor, business development lead for the brand. An avid digital marketer, he is the brains behind a plethora of successful results-driven digital campaigns. Hailing from a business lineage himself, Jay foresaw the disruption the digital marketing industry was set to create and decided to pursue a career in this booming industry turning a computer engineer to a self-taught marketing maven with no formal education in the subject.


Achieving success in any business is a result of acing ‘the formula’. Even with a superior product/ service and after an in-depth consumer behaviour understanding, many brands struggle to achieve their goal. This scenario comes into play when business owners neglect the third part of the formula that is ‘Marketing’. The use of strategic marketing plan enables brand visibility with the induction of product or service turning the target audience into potential leads.  

The marketing industry has evolved by leaps and bounds in the last decade empowering companies and brands to upscale its promotion strategy creating well-rounded visibility. In the evolution of the industry, digital marketing has emerged as the most successful, targeted and result-driven tool. They say, ‘Consumer is King’, and today’s consumer has adopted the digital way which compelled the industry to change its approach from traditional to digital.


The digital marketing industry has swiftly grown and shifted from being a supplementary marketing tool to a primary tool in no time. Digital Marketing in itself is a comprehensive term covering multiple aspects including content, social media, email marketing PPC, SEO and much more. There are some aspects of digital marketing moulded-in myths and misconceptions that the audience and businesses share, and which calls to be addressed.  Following are the points which attempt to debunk a few myths about the digital marketing industry in the hope of shedding light on the potential of digital marketing in your promotion bank!


Myth 1. Digital marketing can only accelerate large business models 

Fact 1. Digital marketing is an effective aid for businesses of any scale


Having an online presence has become mandatory for all businesses in today’s tech-savvy world. If you do not have a digital profile it is safe to say that your brand existence is compromised with negligible brand recall. Having an online presence is the best way to communicate with your customers directly, engaging with them will in return boost your sales graph. This is one of the most common myths among the small businesses, but in fact, one can sell directly to their targeted customers even without having a physical presence.

Myth 2. Moving omnichannel is the key

Fact 2. Focus on required channels at a time 


Though omnichannel marketing offers a competitive advantage, at the same time it is not as simple as standard marketing and is a complex marketing strategy. Omni expects all the channels to deliver uninterrupted customer experience. But on the other hand, emphasizing more on 1 or 2 channels at a time shall deliver promising results to the brand. Moving on these targeted channels can be leveraged to go cross channel in future activities.


Myth 3. Digital marketing is the shortcut to earn money 

Fact 3. Digital marketing is an acquired skill which needs to be honed over time 


Like every other job, digital marketing too demands time and learning before diving into the industry. The more you learn the basics and practice on-hand techniques, the more is the scope to find success in the market. To earn money through digital marketing, you need to invest lots of effort in building and marketing your website, constantly engaging the audience by writing quality content. Practising these patterns will start to develop traffic which will lead to earning money based on a traffic basis.


Myth 4. Digital Marketing can result in overnight success

Fact 4. Like all other tools, Digital Marketing also shows the result with time 


This is the most popular myth that the businesses and the clients believe in. Digital marketing techniques generally take time to be effective. For instance, once you post content on your website or page, Google takes time to index it and then it’s fully dependent on the SEO techniques you use to rank the content. All the methods, right from posting to getting indexed by the search engine and getting shared on the social media platforms requires time. This is the reason why patience is the key in digital marketing, and you should be patient until the end results reach. 


Myth 5. Digital PR doesn’t add value to the business

Fact 5. Digital PR improves visibility for your brand


Public Relations is a proven tool of marketing which has only enhanced a brands portfolio. With time, PR has evolved and chosen a new channel of promotion that is the mighty web! The essence, impact and the visibility of Digital PR as opposed to traditional PR has quadrupled with added benefits like backlinks, SEO advantages, wider reach to name a few. Avenues of PR have also increased with the scope of the digital space with blogs, podcasts, emails and more to reach existing and potential customers.


Digital Marketing is a boon for today’s interconnected world and has evolved with the rise of technology. You cannot predict exactly which tool will turn into success until and unless you experiment with it. Thus, digital marketing is effective and brings returns in the long run. Only if you get rid of the myths of digital marketing, it rules to excel a business towards success.

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