Tyler King, CEO, Assuras

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Assuras is a global management consulting firm specializing in solving complex and challenging organizational issues. The company helps clients take their businesses to new heights and give them a competitive edge over their rivals through its unrivaled corporate strategy, technology solutions, and digital innovation. Today, Assuras has positioned itself as a leader in new consulting methodology, which starts from the bottom up, as opposed to the traditional top-down process of the past. The must-watch business consulting company is recognized for its efficiency improvement services which focus on process, and its leadership development services, which aim at helping shape the leaders of tomorrow! “Our vision is to show the world every day that every challenge, no matter how complex, has a solution that can be attained,” reveals Tyler King, CEO, Assuras.

The Beginning

Assuras was founded after its key executives considered doing consulting a different way, which would lead to faster and better results and really get at the root challenges the customers face. With nearly every major business sector covered, through an unending pursuit of relentless progress and revolutionary ideas, Tyler and his team have created something vastly different from market competitors. From ideation to implementation, the Assuras team designs an approach tailored exclusively for clients, integrating cutting-edge technology and customized methods tailored to clients’ needs. All this is done while maintaining the utmost transparency and respect toward clients’ companies.

“What separates us is our ability to know ourselves better than anyone else can,” states Tyler. “This creates a fearless approach to problem-solving- one that considers every possibility then filters it through rigorous logic before coming up with an answer.”

Diverse Offerings

Assuras offers a plethora of business consulting services focused on several industries, from financial services to manufacturing to aerospace and everything in between. These services include strategy, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, performance improvement, customer engagement, people and organization, transformation and sustainability, innovation, and product development, change management, marketing & sales, diversity & inclusion, lean manufacturing, agile development, globalization, analytics, work modernization, operation efficiency, and design.

Fostering Innovation within the Team

Assuras has a group of non-traditional cross-functional team members who work tirelessly to fulfill their clients’ needs and ensure they feel supported. Never stopping to challenge the status quo, the team believes in empowering clients to overcome their toughest operational challenges through their extensive industry and functional experience. Most often, client organizations define the Assuras’ team as tenacious, transformative, victorious, disruptors, champions, and bold. And why not? They are so much more beyond that.

Likewise, Assuras’ inclusive and diverse culture includes an environment that fosters individual growth through solving complex problems as a team. Here, employees are free to choose which engagements they wish to work on, keeping positive vibes and allowing scope for innovative breakthroughs. This is yet another crucial factor that sets Assuras apart from other global organizations.

Serving the Customers Right

At Assuras, creative minds are in tune with real-world problem-solving. The team, first and foremost, goes into engagements thinking about what the customer is trying to achieve. Clients might approach them for management training when they need process restructuring. However, Assuras never engages clients in services that will not truly help their company and employees. The company also guarantees that its services will improve specifically defined KPIs.

In this way, the team works diligently to craft solutions that make the impossible possible while leaving a lasting legacy which is clearly resonated by Assuras’ success stories. From IBM to Unisys to Danone to the Department of Defence, USA, Assuras has helped leading organizations from diverse industries solve the most challenging business problems with unique and innovative solutions.

Client Testimonials

“Danone had recently undergone a merger and acquisition, and the team at Assuras was integral in integrating technologies and providing ongoing support. If you’re looking for expertise, you’ve found it.”

“At Unisys, we’ve been working with Assuras for several years—it all started when we hired them to consult on our field services team. As time went on, they were able to help them achieve remarkable results – driving improvements in efficiency by over 40%.”

Most Effective Marketing Mantra for Start-ups

According to Tyler, business leaders must always appreciate the power of word of mouth and referrals. Relationships are crucial in business, and building on the previous trust is huge. Therefore, he recommends aspiring entrepreneurs first focus on referrals.

Eying Global Markets for Expansion

With every passing year, Assuras has been able to expand into new markets around the globe. From a seasoned business leader’s perspective, it is Tyler’s personal belief that one of the biggest opportunities is providing a different approach to developing markets. He further shares, “We have been extremely fortunate at the reception of methods, and COVID-19 has allowed us to solve new challenges many organizations face.” As a result, in the last six months, Assuras has been able to take on assignments in Mexico and India.

Moving forward, Assuras plans to continue innovating regarding services and methodologies. “Keep us in sight; we have several big things coming in the next two years,” concludes Tyler.

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