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Are you a Super-additive gamer who spends much of your free time playing games on your phone? If so, you too can make your hobby profitable and get rewarded for playing online games for free. Whether you’re sitting on the train, on the move or waiting for a friend to arrive at a coffee shop, the game is perfect to help your brain handle the mess around you in a fascinating and productive manner. This hobby is usually pursued just for fun and sometimes to pass the time, but it’s really possible to earn extra cash while enjoying the gameplay. There are the following apps that provide legal real money earning games for those who want to earn real money.

  1. GMNG

GMNG is a game platform consisting of both Esports games and real money games. The platform is currently available in India and has more than 120,000+ registered users within a few months of its launch. Free Fire, Call Of Duty, Clash Royale, Valorant and WCC Rivals are some of the games where the tournament is held. Real money games are played via an integrated wallet that allows users to deposit and win real money. Monetization is done via a transactionally generated rake. There is no chance or luck, only 100% validated profiles and legitimate skill-based gaming. Use your skills to make money in the game.

  1. GetMega

GetMega combines the excitement of gaming with the thrill of real money for a truly unique experience. Enjoy the best skill games of cards, casual and trivia quizzes with real money prizes. Master your favourite real money games in different categories. Play classic card games like Poker and Rummy, casual games like Carrom, Pool and more with real money prizes. GetMega has industry-specific UI/UX and has 100% real and real players with no bots or scammers. Currently only available on Android, the app will soon allow users to find other players on the network.

  1. Gamezy

Gamezy debuted from Gameskraft, Bangalore’s leading gaming company. Gamezy App is also an online gaming fantasy app or website where you can earn real money by playing fantasy leagues. Gamezy is a fantasy game aimed at fans who want to show their gaming knowledge and analytical skills. Gamezy allows you to play games with other users registered on the platform. All games available on the platform are skill-based games. Therefore, these games can be played in most states of India. Every time your friend participates in a cash competition of any value, 5% of this value (excluding bonuses, promotions and instant cash balances) will be added to your instant cash account.

  1. WinZO

WinZO is India’s largest social gaming app in terms of a number of games, languages and interesting formats on the platform. WinZO can only be used by persons 18 years of age or older. WinZO is only available in  Indian states where the rules of the game are regulated by the Government. The app is available in over 10 Indian languages, has over 3 million live players and has a 4.6-star rating, the app is 100% safe and reliable. WinZO offers real money to play games like Ludo, Carrom, Rummy, Poker and over 100  games.  WinZO is also a member of the All India Gaming Federation (AIGF).

  1. MyTeam11

MyTeam11 is the second-largest market leader across India and is known as the most trusted fantasy sports brand. Launched in 2016, MyTeam11 currently has a user base of over 18 million. They are backing India’s online fantasy sports games, helping millions of people engage in a variety of sports. 10 great sports, 2 languages, quizzes, exciting prizes and more. iOS users can download MyTeam 11 from the App Store, but Android users will be offered online fantasy sports as an APK. Choose your next game from your favourite sport, Create a team with the best players use your skills and earn through prizes.

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