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The COVID 19 induced economic crisis has further compounded the problem of unemployment in India. India which was already undergoing a phase of ‘jobless growth’ has suddenly been pushed into a recession post COVID. According to latest data by the Centre of Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), India’s unemployment rate jumped to 9.90 per cent in the week ending December 13. This is a 23-week high. It is estimated that around 5.5 lakh jobs were lost in October alone.

Not only have job opportunities shrunk, the nature of jobs has also changed dramatically in the post COVID world. Greater digitization of work spaces, major shift in buying behaviours and growth of digital services has engendered the need for multiple skills among employees. From digital product management to data analysis and content marketing, the demand for basic as well as specialised digital skills has surged in recent months.

For thousands of people who lost their jobs or who have entered the job market after completing their education, a post COVID environment is a difficult space. It is essential therefore that they study the market conditions, analyse the demand and upskill themselves for the current job market.

If you are one of those looking to start a career in a post COVID environment, you may benefit from learning the following:

Digital marketing skills

In a post pandemic world, a bulk of product and service marketing strategies have shifted to the digital mode. Targeted digital marketing strategies backed by effective data analysis isthe need of the hour. Digital marketing knowledge includes a series of skills including digital business analysis, content marketing, SEO, among others. Increasingly, organizations are looking to hire people who have knowledge of digital marketing skills to help steer the online promotional and sales campaigns. While many organizations are training and up-skilling their existing workforce in digital marketing skills, others are hiring new talent. Evidently the demand for online digital marketing courses have surged in recent months. Adding a digital marketing course to your CV can make you extremely relevant to the current job market.

Learn data analysis

In a digital economy, data analysis is a useful strategy for organizations to better understand their market, predict and plan strategies accordingly. The reports and predictive analysis prepared by data analysts help drive key decisionsin business operations, product developmentand strategy. A Data Analyst is another key specialty whose demand has surged in recent times.

Do not underestimate creative skills

Creativity is never out of fashion. It always pays to nurture the creative soul in you. In a crowded market space, an ability to creatively portray or depict your ideas and thoughts can set you significantly apart. It is important therefore to constantly nurture your creative side. Creative communication skills, creative power point making skills and creative writing skills can help you find your own space in a difficult market. Use your time to read, learn creative writing skills or photography to give your CV an edge.

Learn a new language

Often a skill as elemental as an additional language can make a major difference to your resume. Learning a new language doesn’t just add another ability to your skills, it also sharpens your mind and makes it more receptive to new ideas. But, which language should you learn is also an important determinant. This decision would depend on your core area of work or field. Learn a language that might be useful for you in your field of work. For example, if your area of work is likely to take you to a European country you must consider learning a European language. On the other hand if you are a north Indian looking to start a career down south, you must consider getting a hang of a southern Indian language.

Graphic designing

Graphic designing is another key specialty that is high in demand. Graphic designers use visual enhancement softwares such as Illustrator, Photoshop etc. to create visual concepts and layouts that communicate effectively and captivate the viewers. In an age of infographics and visual appeals, content is no more limited to words. It encompasses an entire array of visual elements, informative figures, charts, statistics etc. Presenting these elements in an aesthetically appealing and creative way is what graphic designers are required to do. If you have creative bent of mind, undertaking graphic design courses can help you chart a new career trajectory for yourself.

Business skill training

In a fast-changing world, one dimensional skill sets do not suffice anymore. Dynamism, critical thinking and problem solving ability are key elements for professionals of today. If you are a wantrepreneur or entrepreneur looking to scale up your business, undertaking a professional business skilling course can help you significantly improve your trade. It can also give the required dynamism to your resume. Business skill training courses help professionals learn essential financial management, leadership, problem solving skills, project management and time management – skills essential for both entrepreneurs and managers.

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