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Raluca is a brand strategist, international business consultant, and keynote speaker who works with CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs to grow or build their professional and personal brands, as well as their business plans and business development.  After over a decade of experience in sales, business consulting, business development, and branding, Raluca understands what truly drives success and growth. It’s not just about having a brand; it’s about the people you invest in and how well you connect with those you’re striving to assist. In addition to her extensive branding and business consulting experience, Raluca is an accredited trainer by HRDA- Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus, a certified mentor and coach.  Raluca has been featured in various publications, such as Gold Magazine, Healthy Woman Magazine, InBusiness, Ziarul News, and The Global Interview. 


What exactly is branding?

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently. “Warren Buffett

Let’s discuss branding and why it is so vital today!

Branding is not a specific set of activities, but rather a strategic perspective used to align customer interests and communicate values. Regarding the creation of customer care, branding encompasses more than just visuals. Branding is essential for achieving and maintaining a competitive advantage. Branding is the process of establishing a company’s brand in the minds of consumers.

Branding never remains constant. It evolves in response to environmental, trend, cultural, technological, and societal changes. By definition, every business has or should have a distinct brand. a signature-bearing label Many businesses believe that branding consists only of a color scheme, a logo, and a slogan, but I can assure you that branding encompasses much more.

Branding heavily relies on tone, emotion, narrative, and customer service. Without all these components, your brand will be unable to grow and develop. You will be unable to properly position your brand.

Consider that a customer’s purchasing decision can be influenced by your brand. Therefore, we can discuss brand strategy. What function does brand strategy serve?

We are all planning, whether we are aware of it or not. We all enjoy organizing our days, vacations, and special events such as birthdays and celebrations. And when you plan carefully, success is virtually assured. You must recognize that preparation is required for both personal and professional processes.

Consider the significance of planning in terms of branding. A brand strategy is a long-term plan that will help our business achieve its long-term objectives. A successful brand strategy (a long-term plan) consists of the brand’s mission, customer promise, and the dissemination of all these elements. With a well-executed brand strategy, brand awareness, equity, and sentiment will all improve.

What is the primary objective of a successful brand strategy? To inform the world of your existence and that of your brand!

What is the significance of branding?

Your brand is a gateway to your true work. “Dave Buck

You will undoubtedly lose the “business game” if you fail to manage your brand in a way that is “not only here to stay” but also makes a difference, given how rapidly things change and the number of unforeseen events, or “black swans,” that the entire world has experienced.

Every company and business should take their brand and branding seriously. Did you know that in ancient Egypt, branding dates to 2700 BCE? However, during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, branding changed significantly. After many years of trial-and-error and in-person experiments, branding has become an essential component of any entity seeking to succeed.

Branding is an ongoing process that requires paying close attention to your company’s past and present, as well as developing a strong, cohesive personality for the company and its products or services. People’s emotions and thoughts are influenced by branding because it is associated with the creation of a company’s identity: the sense of who you are, who you aspire to be, and how you want others to perceive the company or entity.

How do we create a strong, authentic brand?

“A brand should reflect what you can do. You have to deliver, faultlessly and for all time, whatever your brand promises, so it’s better to make your offering sound witty and innovative than to pretend you’re more than you are. Get the brand right from the start, by being honest with yourself about what it is you’re offering.” Richard Branson

So how do you guarantee the strength and credibility of your brand? Prim and foremost, by being sincere and authentic. How would you describe your personality? What is your mission and what are your objectives? What is the intent of your message?

Because it is essential to consider not only the provision of high-quality products or services, but also their delivery and promotion. Individuals make purchasing decisions and seek out services based on how they feel. Emotions! Construct or modify your brand based on this! Your brand should have a distinct and trustworthy personality, in my opinion.

As a result, prospective customers will be able to connect with you and your business. Customers are more likely to trust your brand if they feel a connection to you and the products or services you provide.

As stated at the outset, the situation is undergoing rapid transformation. We have entered a new reality in which metaverse, virtual reality, brandification branding, sustainable branding, socially responsible branding, customer-driven branding, and humanized brand personality are among the emerging trends. And we must adapt by choosing what is best for us and our brands.

So, what is the conclusion? We no longer live in a world where businesses are built by adhering to strict regulations and deciding what and how to promote. We inhabit a hybrid world in which our customers have the power to “make or break” us.

We live in a world in which, if you aren’t “out there,” you are “nowhere,” a world in which you must constantly strive to improve your brand, team, and offerings.

We should increase our sensitivity and awareness. In the future, our brand and culture will influence our customers’ and our own decisions. Not only are we responsible for making a difference, but also for determining how we will do so.

We should create a brand that represents our guiding principles, values, history, and journey. Let’s ensure there are sufficient individuals who wish to join us (customers, collaborators, and team members).

What is my recommendation?

Make your brand distinctive, one-of-a-kind. Make it authentic, real, and transparent. Do not think about your desires. Consider what your customers require. Consider how you can be of service.

A powerful brand will always prioritize customer needs. Is it not true that you developed your brand with a particular niche or audience in mind? Then focus on what they want. not what you want!

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