Vijay‌ ‌Sivaram,‌ ‌CEO,‌ ‌Quess‌ ‌IT‌ ‌Staffing‌ ‌and‌ ‌Arunagiri‌ ‌Rajasekaran,‌ ‌Deputy‌ ‌General‌ ‌Manager,‌ ‌Quess‌ ‌IT‌ Staffing‌

Due to covid 19, majority of people have now transited more in to digital world and they spend most of their time in cyber world. World is turning to be digital through virtual collaboration, meeting platforms, internet of things (IoT), machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence(AI). One of the main challenge for this information sector is cyber security which is a major challenge for businesses.

Most of top executives face a common question from their board directors about how confident and prepared they are to face a cyber attack event. Hence organization have turned towards achieving a strong cyber resilience strategy. It is a unified approach where the disaster recovery methods and the data protection are combined to achieve total cyber security.

Cyber resilient programs aim to develop the ability to adapt, recover, withstand the adverse conditions that occur due to cyber threats or attacks. Though the systems and networks appear to be fully protected and patched, malware could affect the system which leads to huge financial losses. Survey conducted by IDC states that downtime cost per hour exceeds USD 200,000. Moreover, this survey states, that nearly 73% of respondents indicate that during past two years, they had to spend a major portion of their resources to tackle the major security breaches in their IT environment.

Though organization have recovery plans to combat this issue, their existing configurations do not allow them to recover easily as they are not designed to be resilient against these cyberattacks. The hackers use more advanced techniques in their actions hence organization also need advanced technology in order to adapt to this problem. A change from traditional recovery to advanced technology for combating cyber attacks is the need of the hour. 

It is imperative that the organization considers holistic view of the risks and try to adapt to a robust cyber resilience programs so that their operations are not paralyzed after these cyber attacks. With a very strong cyber resilient programs, information technology ought to establish a good relationship with the management and enable them to continue their digital transformation journey with confidence. Hence IT organization ought to take a more comprehensive approach to cyber resilience and do an in-depth study on the available solution for solving this issue. As indicated by Stan Wisseman “The primary goals of resiliency are anticipating, withstand, and adapt. You need to anticipate that you’re going to be attacked. You need to withstand that attack and continue to operate your critical business functions. And you need to adapt to an evolving threat landscape.”

About Vijay Sivaram

Vijay Sivaram is the CEO of IT Staffing and Search & Recruitment, overseeing both India and Asia Pacific operations at Quess Corp. He is responsible for setting the strategic vision and direction for his focus areas while supporting and nurturing the leadership under his mandate towards success. A young and energetic leader, Vijay is part of the founding team of Quess Corp since its inception in 2007. He has worked across services within the organization, including Workforce Management, Operating Asset Management, and Tech Services. Having worn many hats through his progression within the company, Vijay has been instrumental in grounding, innovating, and growing Quess’ vast portfolio of offerings.

About Arunagiri Rajasekaran

Arunagiri Rajasekaran, a versatile leader with 22+ years of experience in multiple facets of business and technology, presently serves as Deputy General Manager at Quess IT Staffing, the largest IT staffing organization in India. In his current role, he leads the Managed Solutions vertical, enabling clients with smart technology solutions to help businesses become future-ready. Arunagiri enjoys learning about new processes and technologies, and is a firm believer in continuous learning.


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