Geeta Singh - Founder & Director, TYC Communication

Geeta Singh – Founder and Director of one of the leading Image Consultancy in Delhi, TYC Communication – has a story that could easily become a best-selling novel. She envisioned and incorporated TYC Communication as a proprietorship firm in the field of translation and content marketing in the year 2012. Later, in 2014, TYC Communication developed into a private limited company with a bigger communication and brand image perception gamut, offline and online landscapes. Geeta is a realist, but unlike many realists who are prone to becoming cynical, Geeta exudes optimism.


Can a business survive without digital marketing? Yes!

But can it grow? No!

No one enters business with the mindset to get by, everyone wants to grow. Positive word-of-mouth is the only hope for an online business aside from digital marketing, which is not enough even to survive. Offline businesses still have the walk-in prospect open, but without marketing, they will also be operating in a bubble. 

To sell you need to show it to the people who will buy it. Print marketing is restricted in its reach, it can offer only limited growth. When you are associated with a business, you want it to thrive. In this digital age, age of competition, the only way you can thrive is by going digital. 

Your product can only retain the customers. Influencing them, and getting them to buy your product is digital marketing’s job.
Let us go into the detail of business can do achieve for your business the firepower of digital marketing. 

Build trust and reputation 

Trust is the foundation of any transaction between two parties, including business. In marketing, trust is closely related to visibility. You’re scrolling Instagram. You see an ad for beautiful pair of shoes. Instinctively you click on it, browse through their website, but you can’t find their social media. Will you buy from them? 

A customer will buy from you when she trusts you. Online presence assures accountability of the brand and makes the customers feel safe and confident enough to make that purchase. There is a flip side to this coin, and it is building a reputation. What was the last thing you purchased without doing any research? You can build trust and a good reputation with honest and effective digital marketing, which is highly likely to increase your business.

Reach people who will buy

Your customers are online, waiting to be sold to. In 2021 nearly 4.5 billion people are using the internet. The kind of exposure you can get by going digital has no bounds. Different mediums contribute to getting the desired outcome like Pay per Click, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, SMO, and more. 

In Digital marketing reaching more people is always the goal, right? Wrong! The goal is to reach the people who will buy. All businesses are different in their products, industries, and one marketing strategy can’t work for all the brands. Some need to reach to masses, some need to cater to a specific audience – it is all possible when you harness the firepower of digital marketing.

Lock horns with the big brands and competition 

The fundamental of ‘survival of the fittest’ still persists in discrete ways. This is not just the age of information but also the age of competition. To compete and to win, you need the panache of digital marketing. Digitization is a great leveler. All businesses play on the same field, despite their size and reputation. If you can sell yourself better than a reputed company in the same product segment – you win! 

Small businesses did not have this advantage before. Digital marketing is a complete game-changer – before its inception, if a business could not afford TV commercials, a huge banner at a busy square, they would just fade into oblivion. Today a small business with a good product can completely destroy a big player in a particular segment. All thanks to digital marketing!

ROI off the roof 

It offers great ROI. Whether it is paid or free, business indulges in digital marketing. Since your customers are online, you can sell directly to them and grow. Understanding your own business is key here. You need to know your target audience so that you can cut to chase and directly sell to them rather than being a wayfarer.

As we discussed, digital marketing is the collective name for various ways of selling online. There are all sorts of options at your disposal. Social media is free also highly effective, SEO is practically free. PPC and some others require you to invest money, but the return on your investment is worth it. 

Penetrate your niche

Assume you are in 2010 and have a niche business idea of selling organic water bottles or solar-powered LED string lights – or assume your company sells niche products like anti-aging cream, colored hair-mascara, how would you have targeted your audience. Would you even dare to go all-in with ideas like these?

Fortunately, we are way past that. It is 2021! You have digital marketing – you are not limited. Just because your product is a niche you will not abandon a good idea. Because you know you can find that niche audience group and sell it to them.

Smart businesses have already understood the importance of digital marketing. They are aware that their growth is directly proportional to their effectiveness of marketing. There has been no better way in history to run a business, we all know why!

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