Rajesh Radhakrishnan, Chief Marketing Officer, Vritti Solutions

Rajesh has more than 25 years of wide experience in heading diverse businesses and has played vital roles in rural sales & marketing, digital marketing, media & advertising, brand management, public relations, product management, and operations. He is the Co-founder of Vritti Solutions Ltd, an IT and IT-enabled Media Company. Rajesh handles the Sales & Marketing function and is also responsible for business strategies and Public relations for Vritti. He has managed to create a niche for Vritti iMedia as a rural expert and is also responsible for starting up Mindwave Media Pvt Limited a sister concern of Vritti that specializes in 360 Media Planning and buying with good capabilities in digital marketing.


After software, another paradigm foreign companies are seriously looking at in India is the outsourcing of Digital Marketing Services. The country holds strong potential in areas such as web designing & development, social media marketing & ads, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Optimisation, Online Reputation Management, Pay-Per-Click, app development, blog, and business writing. The foreign agencies could get the work outsourced from the best Indian talent at one-fifth of the costs they presently incur.

The pro-India factors include the post-pandemic change in behaviour of the customers for everything digital; rising internet bandwidth and data penetration, limited hiring of ex-pats in the Middle East, etc. Also, the flexibility of working at night to attend US clientele ensures the projects are ready by the next US working day. With work getting outsourced to India, the digital agency or the brand can focus on its core operations. The services offered are reliable, scalable with quick turnaround times, generating an effective ROI for brands, and a promise of anonymity to the end-customers. With a dedicated team from the service provider to coordinate round-the-clock with the client, there is no fear of losing brand consistency.

A large chunk of work to India comes from international digital marketing agencies present in places such as the US, Canada, UK, Australia-New Zealand, Middle East, and Singapore. The digital marketing outsourcing market from India is estimated between $7-10 billion and is expected to grow at about 20% in the next few years.

Unlike a BPO, creative outsourcing needs skill sets. A decade or two ago, website development used to be the domain of the IT department. However, today, it has become the core domain of the CEO & Marketing team as the website has become the preferred platform for customer experience and engagement. The IT team is purely associated with the technology aspect of it. As a result, website development has become much more creatively challenging in terms of design and aesthetics, including concept videos, animation, editing, and after-production work.

India is traditionally the outsourcing capital of the world. Indian talent has proved time and again in giving the best creative solutions, consistently in a scalable manner at a very effective budget. According to a Nasscom survey, 80% of the US and European companies choose India as the most preferred destination for outsourcing. Nasscom states the IT and BPO industry in India to have generated a revenue of $154 billion in the year 2019. Over the next few years, 40% of India’s workforce is expected to enhance their skills to meet the requirement of outsourcers.

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