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Yasin Hamidani is the Co-founder & Director of Media Care Brand Solutions, an integrated marketing agency that focuses on helping small and medium-sized businesses, start-ups & brands to achieve their marketing and sales goal. He comes with an experience of 8+ years in the PR & Digital Marketing domain and has successfully worked with more than 150+ brands across multiple sectors in India & Globally.


If you need to gain as many deals as conceivable, you wish to induce your digital marketing strategy right. In this article, we’re getting to layout a few of the leading digital marketing procedures for service-based businesses.

Focus on utilizing the foremost appropriate social media platforms 

Businesses got to take advantage of social media — it’s a really capable digital marketing tool for coming to unused clients. As well numerous businesses make the botch of attempting to be on each stage at once, which can have a negative impact on the quality of their content. Focus on a couple of diverse platforms that are pertinent to your trade. For occasion, on the off chance that you have got a part of image-based content like a makeup artist or hair salon would, Pinterest, Instagram Reels, and Instagram Feeds are all great choices. In case you give services to other professionals and businesses, LinkedIn could be a strong choice. In case you’re just seeking out for the biggest stage, Facebook is your best wagered.

Take a look at how Cadiveu India, which is an international brand into hair keratin treatment has too incorporated social media into their digital marketing strategy well. Take a look at what they’ve highlighted on their Instagram page: a delicate model/customer showcasing hair smoothness & shone after using the product at of their partnered salons. This is often an incredible way to promote the product & its USP and the salon and the work of their stylists! Individuals who like this, could be more willing to contact the brand for information on the product or reach out to the salon for more availing the services.

Keep in mind the sort of services you offer when choosing your social media stages — Cadiveu India, for instance, contains a part of photo-worthy content, making Instagram a awesome choice for them. 

Use SEO strategies to climb the search engine results pages

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the foremost imperative digital marketing tools at your disposal. Typically the method of optimizing your website’s content and copy to create it rank higher within the search engine results pages (SERPs).

There are three basic components of boosting your SEO. To begin, you ought to make content based on keyword research. Head to a keyword research tool like Google Keyword Planner with a list of words and phrases related to your trade. Plug them into the planner, and Google will give you with a list of keywords related to the subject. Basing your content off of these keywords, or weaving them into your content in a normal way, will assist you boost your positioning within the search engines.

You ought to also consider putting together a link-building methodology. Link building is the method of securing links from other definitive websites in your specialty. When this happens, Google takes it as a vote of certainty in your work and gives you a boost within the SERPs.

In conclusion, make beyond any doubt your specialized SEO is top-notch. Here are a few illustrations of specialized SEO requirements: 

– Have a fast-loading site (attempt to keep it beneath two seconds) 

– Compress the pictures on your website 

– Make your site mobile-friendly 

– Have an instinctive route framework

Utilize content marketing to attract the correct individuals

Content marketing is one of the foremost critical tools at your disposal for drawing in your ideal audience. It’s the method of creating content, like articles, videos, live streams, and the like, in order to assist your clients and draw in new people to your website. 

One great way to come up with content marketing themes is by replying common client questions. Check in along with your customer service team to see if there are any questions they get frequently. On the off chance that you base your content on these questions, your clients will feel understood and believe you more. 

You can too conduct a few addresses keyword research. Bring a list of words and expressions to a keyword research tool like Answer the Public. They will give you with a list of questions related to any given subject. Basing your content on these questions will grant you a boost within the SERPs, which can bring more traffic to your site and increment your sales!

Make case studies to appear how past clients have profited

Case studies are an awfully successful digital marketing tool. They can show your clients the results you’ve accomplished or other clients! When working together with your new clients, be beyond any doubt to ask for permission to record information on the results of your services. Keep track of data before, during, and after your service process along with your clients. 

Once you’ve got this data, compile it into a blog post or article. You need to be beyond any doubt that your imminent clients see these case studies, so be beyond any doubt to share them on social media and promote them on your site, including by connecting to them through important pages. This will show your site visitors that you’re gifted in what you do and get you more clients!

Guest post for websites important to your work

Guest posting is fair what it sounds like — it’s the method of making content for other definitive websites in your specialty in order to construct your backlinks and boost your SEO. It can assist you get the word out about your trade among your target audience! 

When searching for guest posting opportunities, consider reaching out to your network. On the off chance that you know of diverse influencers or businesses that work in your specialty or one that’s comparative, reach out to them and see on the off chance that you’ll make content that would be a great fit for their guest posts. 

You can too take a look at diverse websites that are pertinent to your possess and see in case they have rules for guest posting entries, such as length prerequisites and subjects. Or, reach out to their head writer or editors to see if they’re taking article entries. 

When coming up with subject thoughts, think almost what you’re best at. Compose guest posts around points you’re an master in — what individuals come to your trade for over anybody else. This strategy will get you awesome results and possibly more clients as you appear off your expertise.

Screen your marketing execution and adjust in like manner

You can’t just put together a digital marketing strategy and after that follow it blindly — for the most excellent results, you wish to screen the comes about closely and adjust your procedure appropriately.

Here are a few examples of key execution pointers that can provide you an idea of how your content and site is doing:

– CTR on social media 

– Conversion rates 

– Number of returning visitors 

– Web activity sources 

Be beyond any doubt to remain adaptable in your technique and tune in to the data. In the event that you aren’t doing well in a specific region, consider how you’ll be able alter up your technique to urge the comes about you need.


Digital marketing could be a precarious monster — in this article, we sketched out a few diverse methods to move forward your website and become more effective. Content marketing, SEO, and social media are all incredible ways to progress your technique.

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