Husain Habib, Co-Founder, Hua Consulting LLP

Husain Habib is the Co-Founder of HUA Digital Media and the Ex Co-Founder of Hats-Off Digital Private Limited. He is awarded among the 50 most influential marketing personalities at the Digital Marketing Awards and is featured in leading media platforms too. He contributes his expertise as a visiting faculty at various schools and colleges as well.


With each year passing through, there are constant amendments and new developments in the digital marketing forum that adapt with the changing times. These new digital marketing trends not only help us keep up with the times but also assist in making informed decisions for efficient utilization of technology making Digital Marketing the game changer among businesses and individuals today. 

  • Gaming Industry being the next big thing for providing digital marketing space to products and brands. When the lockdown commenced, gaming industry gained huge popularity indeed. With digital campfires being generated (Group of people connecting together to play a game), people also got the chance to interact with each other. Brands are now targeting them to promote themselves and gain huge popularity and visibility.
  • Millennials are now being taught the new media and marketing technique of engaging with influencers and earning customer loyalty through transparency and accuracy. They are also being taught how to make the best use of social media and the power of creating engaging video content. The Engagement rate really matters now and it is not just about how many people follow you on social media, but also how many people who actually engage and interact with you.
  • This is where the role of micro influencers is coming into huge importance. It is not just your celebrities who can promise you good reach but the micro influencers could prove to be more effective with the relevant audience to cater to your need. This type of promotional activity allows brands to connect organically and authentically with their customers through someone these customers trust.
  • Content which is user generated gains more popularity, i.e. those which appear organic in nature. Blogs, Storys, Reels, Reviews, Video content generations etc. are the new way to go. People like to hear experiences through podcasts as well. It is like the new age version of word of mouth.
  • Demand for audio visual content is on the rise. Advertisers use these platforms to showcase their brand too and get into the limelight. Live streaming is the new buzzword especially since the pandemic set in and people are indoors. Taking advantage of this marketing method enables immediate customer engagement, which will help your brand reach audiences faster and build consumer trust.
  • Websites offers and suggestions are on the boom. First time visitors on a website get a good discount or some amount is added through referrals. Providing ease of access or a free complimentary product on a purchase or no delivery charge gives the customer feel they are getting value for money. Websites like amazon and Netflix share suggestions and trailers of what to watch. Amazon gives you similar product suggestions and also helps you compare prices forgetting better deals together. Providing tailored content is the new thing in the online world. Through AI, you can gauge the customers interests and needs and be able to help the customer source what they are actually looking for.
  • Semantic searches will continue to be a key aspect of SEO and UX (UX). The impact of semantics, on the other hand, will be felt more in voice assistance. Voice assistants are built to listen to and reply to questions or orders uttered in everyday language. Semantic searches will be heavily used by Google Now, Alexa, Siri, and other voice assistants. To stay relevant and expand their brands over time, digital marketers must update or integrate voice searches into their content marketing plans.
  • Chatbots are the new customer assistants online, providing 24/7 assistance to the customer. 
  • Infeed shopping is gaining huge popularity. blurring the borders between influencer marketing and social media commerce. If you like something you see in a video, just click and buy it. Click and buy that moisturizer after listening to beauty advice from an influencer. The social media behemoths are attempting to monetize your social feed, bringing advertising and money closer together.
  • Cryptocurrrency emergence is going to revolutionize the way digital marketing works and the way payments would be made online as digital stores are on the rise. 
  • Newsletters are interesting to read. Consider that for a moment. Your audience’s email is a private zone, and if they’re willing to let you in, you’ll almost certainly get their full attention. If you do get into their email, though, your marketing plan will need to change. Content must become even more tailored and relevant to specific demographics.
  • Furthermore, the tendency of developing bespoke content will most likely be more significant than ever in 2022. People will become increasingly choosy about what they consume as the internet world changes and their expectations rise. Brands should invest their time and money in content as Content will always remain King.
  • Becoming a thought leader and educator would do wonders like never before. Your thoughts belong to you and you own the power solely and this is where you are different from your competitors. 
  • By 2022, more and more data-driven marketing efforts will be required across a greater range of businesses. Marketing automation, for example, will make your digital marketing strategy more efficient and productive by allowing marketers to automate workflows and spend less time on repetitive operations.
  • The year 2022 will usher in some significant changes in the way we market. The demise of the cookie has a significant impact on digital advertising, which many firms rely largely on. And, while we don’t yet know what effect it will have, one thing is certain: customers will continue to expect more. As a result, it’s necessary to start experimenting with alternate advertising tactics, measuring their effectiveness, and ensuring that they work.

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