Richa Singh, CEO & Co-founder, Blogchatter

Richa Singh, CEO & Co-founder at Blogchatter has herself been a blogger for 12 years. Being closely associated with this industry, Richa is well versed with the challenges influencers and content creators have to face with regards to timely payments and limitations in using a certain kind of content. With an aim to address these gaps, Richa along with her husband founded Blogchatter – a platform where new and progressive ideas can be exchanged without any inhibitions, serving that purpose for any and every blogger. Ever since then they have been building a better blogging ecosystem in India for the last half a decade.


A smartphone. Quirky apps. A blog. These are the basic necessities of life today. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has had to undergo a radical change as these are now things existential to our survival. While the internet has been among the most exploited opportunities in recent times, it continues to leave a scope that amazes and baffles us all.

Blogging is a phenomenon that has caught on significantly off-late. With more time, more information, and a lot more to say. People have become subject matter experts, consultants, and even agony aunts through their blogs. Blogs were conventionally used to talk about fashion and lifestyle. Today, the fashion blogger isn’t the only one making waves. There is scope and opportunity for diverse kinds of content. All you need is a genre, a perspective, and basic skills to make your content interesting and read-worthy. Voila! You have a mouthpiece available and an audience waiting to listen. Look at blogging trends, and you will find takers for any kind of content. Let’s take a look at the most favored blog segments prevalent today.

The Personal Blog

This genre allows the expression of any kind of thought and ideas. You can make this about your life’s journey, political views, economic angles, and even sports. This kind of blog works best if you garner more footfalls and have a great network in place already. If you are looking to gain traction, try and stick to one vertical so that like-minded people feel more incentivized to drop by comment, and share.

Food Blogging

Let’s face it. The number of people who have turned foodies and home chefs during this pandemic has grown exponentially. With it has grown a need for variety, better recipes, and many more kitchen hacks. Food blogging may seem like it’s own vertical, but it has multiple niches within it– baking corners, Instant-pot recipes, vegan recipes, desserts, and even low-calorie foods. To make the most of your blog, try ensuring you have some intelligent photography accompanying your content. After all, we feast our eyes before we do our stomachs!

Travel Blogging

Travelogues of the past have made way for travel blogs today. In the current times where movement is restricted and several places are out of bounds, the thirsty traveler is even more parched! The advantage has been that offices needn’t be in your house anymore. You can sign in from the lakeside, atop a mountain, or even at the beach. It is a great opportunity for bikers or even those taking road trips. Do remember, a large number of people will live vicariously through your travels. Exploit the photo-ops and share as much detail as you can! ‘Goats on the Road’ is an interesting blog by Nick and Dariece, two traveling nomads who have been sharing their stories and adventures regularly.

Health and fitness blogs

If anything has emerged as the need of the hour, it is the need to be healthy and fit. Home workouts, diet mantras, and interesting methods like Zumba and face yoga always find several takers. You can either share your diet plans, daily fitness regimens, or even videos of yourself working out to inspire and initiate conversation. The fitness story of Katie Dunlop may interest you, as do her incredible tips!

Tech Blogs

Technology has changed drastically to incorporate the numerous changes – optimizing work from home, study from home, and meet from home! While several people have upskilled to make themselves savvier, others are still exploring the channels and means available. Your blogs can prove invaluable troves of information and understanding. Reviews on gadgets and futuristic technology are being lapped up hungrily by users and aspirants worldwide. If you have information to give, remember that the world is waiting to hear from you.

While many people have made blogging and content creation a career option, a few others are using this as a medium to reach out, network, and find their voice. Freelance blogging is a preferred means for thousands of people to use their experience and expertise to give them an edge. It doesn’t really matter why or what you intend to blog. If you desire to be heard for any reason, the internet has a special place carved out for you.

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